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Wyoming draw results posted.

I've already know where I'm going to camp. Got lucky and drew both antelope & deer licenses. The antelope area is where i had success 3 other times and where I was headed when I totalled out my old silverado. The deer area has produced for me twice before and I like both areas very much. I have one campsite in mind in the lope area that i hope hadn't been taken by squatters who saw me there in the padt. Lots of prep work to have my firearms dialed in and my camper ready for another trip. Both seasons are for my birthday bucks  opening on oct. 1, I'll be 70.
Only making one trip this year instead of two like last year. Those 1000 mile marathons are getting to be too much for this antique. In December we hope to be traveling to TN to be with my daughter for Christmas.
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Re: Wyoming draw results posted.

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Sounds like some good times coming. Congrats on getting drawn.