BLC 2 / Hunter / AR COMP powder -> 90 and 120g bullet with 6.5CM recommendation

Started by Irwin, October 25, 2021, 06:10:21 AM

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I'm starting my first attempts on reloading 6.5 CM for range plinking.  I just got my first bolt rifle - Homa - 1500 Hogue a week ago and getting ready for my first set of test loads.  I have about enough LR primers and 50 new SIG and 37 Horandy range once fired.   Got a 100ps box of 90g and 120g bullets from Midwest.  My limited supply of powder inventory that l researched online to be compatible for 6.5CM 1lb Ramshot - Hunter, 1lb AR COMP and 1lb of BLC 2.  I'm in search for 4350 powder but it's pretty tough to get in Northern California or the prices are too inflated.

My other powders ( H335, RED Dot and Unique ) are not compatible for this rifle.

So far:  Brass has been cleaned/decapped, resized and annealed.  I will be trimming the Hornady range brass to same length as the SIG shortly and hand primmer the LRP later this week.  I also got a new set of LEE FL, seat and FC dies. 

Please let me know if have any experience with the combination above for me to consider or comments with my limited supplies.

I'm most likely start the HUNTER for 120g > 41g  - BLC2 > 37 and 90g BLC 2 / AR COMP > 38g. 



Go easy on the AR Comp it's pretty snotty. Ludicrous speed and junk primer pockets when I tried it in a 47Lapua improved.

This evening I'll look at my notes and give you some data.


Quote from: HufD63 on October 25, 2021, 08:11:08 AMGo easy on the AR Comp it's pretty snotty. Ludicrous speed and junk primer pockets when I tried it in a 47Lapua improved.

This evening I'll look at my notes and give you some data.

Thank you, that would be nice if you can share some data.  I'll probable use the AR-COMP for the 223/556.



Irwin,  we all feel the pain of not being able to find the powder of our choosing.   Keep an eye on Powder Valley, Mid-South shooters supply and Precision Reloading.  I just saw some IMR 4350 available on Powder Valley but it didn't last long....not the same as H4350 but close.  Also, look for Winchester Staball 6.5...this would something to try that folks have been successful with in a Creedmoor and I've seen it come available on the sites I mentioned.

I have no experience with the powders that you have on hand....sorry I can't assist.
If everything seems under're just not going fast enough


6.5Stabal is out there and would be a better choice than any of the above.

I'll get the AR Comp data in a little bit....


Also if you run across any reloader 15 or 16 or imr4166 they would work well for the bullets your wanting to load.. also no experience with the powders you listed in a creedmoor.. sorry i cant be of more help..


My 6.5x47 Lapua Improved has a little less capacity than a Creedmoor.

With a 133 Vapor Trail bullet seated +.005" & AR Comp

3 sighters at 37.9 ran 2993 - 3002 ????

37.3 @ 2960
37.5 @ 2970 bolt clickers and very heavy bolt lift

Pulled down 37.7 through 38.7

Built another set from 36.8 through 37.2

36.8 - 2922 2929 2926
36.9 - 2926 2932 2926
37.0 - 2932 2929 2936
37.1 - 2941 2941 2943
37.2 - 2950 2945 2945
37.3 - 2948 2955 2955

I was getting a light powder crunch at 38.5 but did not shoot them.

I don't remember any accuracy with this powder but with H4895 running 2940 it shot a .8" group at 600 yards and a 2.2" next charge above.


On the data above make no mistake both powders were running hot, very (dangerously) hot in the loads I pulled down. Primer pocket loosening hot, 9 cases you could push a primer in with your thumb hot!

This was in a custom action, brass properly sized etc. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECCOMEND anyone trying to get to these speeds period. These loads were way over pressure IMO
If I were going to try to use either powder in a Creedmoor to get 140s to the 2800 node I'd probably back off 2 full grains and work up from there. 

Honestly from a case fill standpoint neither powder is very desieable.


It's pretty sad to find powder based on "4350".  I'm searching Midwest and Powder Valley every morning.

Here is the summary of the  ( Hunter / BLC 2 / AR COMP - 90g and 120g bullet ) primarily focused on minimum for the load data I can find for 6.5CM on the internet.

My conclusion (Minimum starting loads)  is leaning toward using the 120g first- Barnes TSX BT with both BLC 2 ( 36g - 37g - 38g ) and Hunter ( 41.7 - 42 - 42.8g ). 

I will first break in the new rifle at 50 yards to set my scope with 6 each of BLC 2 and Hunter minimum loads and if time permits setup my ProChrono DLX at the range.  I may get luck enough to find a box of new ammo at LGS but that would not be my objective since I'm enjoying reloading. 

Thanks..  Irwin

(below load data that I was reviewing )

Speer's Online load data - 90 gr TNT / HP -
AR-Comp - 38.5 / 3027 ft/sec was the tested load
(Have 100ps) >> 6.5
Hodglon - BLC 2
95g - Vmax  - 40gr / Minimum - No ft/sec data
120g - A-Max - 37gr / Minimum - No ft/sec data.

Barnes Online - 6.5 Creedmoor Load Data 120gr TSX BT
Ramshot Hunter - 41.7gr / 2661 ft/sec  ( H4350 38.2 / 2647 - IMR 4350 38.7 / 2622)
(Have 100ps)

Western Powders - Ramshot Hunter
120g Nosler B-Tip >> Hunter  42.8gr / 2697 ft/sec
Sierra Rifle Load book ( need to get a new one with 6.5CM data )
6.5 Japanese
120g Spitzer
BLC 2  - 33.9 / 2300 ft/sec - 35.2 / 2400 ft/sec



Heres some hogdon load data for a 95 gr. And 120 gr. Bullet.. i looked on alliants load data and couldn't find any for the ar comp. They suggested rl 15.5 for the 90's and rl16 for the 120's..


I use AR Comp all the time in as my main powder in my 6.5 Grendel with 123gr CC's.  I would think it would be too fast for the 6.5 CM.  It seems to me to burn faster than Varget.  I use mostly RL 16 in the 6.5 CM and it works well.


Heres a burn rate chart to kinda show where your powder is compared to what most use.. if it were me i would stick to the blc-2