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Reloading / Load for Lapua 136gr scenar-L 6.5CM
April 21, 2022, 11:18:45 AM
I picked up a box of 6.5mm Lapua 136gr scenar-L bullets and was looking for a little load data. I will be using RL16 and possible H4350 for powders and was looking for other experiences with this bullet and powder combo's. TIA, Stu!       8)
This Doppler radar chronograph is in beta version from a European manufacturer. It is not for sale yet but looks like it is gonna be in the $800.00 range. It can be mounted on the rifle using a pic rail or on a tripod stand like a camera stand. Weighs just a little over 5oz.

Here is a video that shows how you can mount it and explains some of its features so far:
Lone star ticks carrying a virus that could potentially prove fatal to humans have been discovered in Georgia, a new study reported Wednesday.

The Heartland virus is an emerging infectious disease that can cause symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, fatigue, muscle or joint pain, headache, nausea, and a loss of appetite, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Many individuals who have been diagnosed with the Heartland virus have had to be hospitalized due to their symptoms and some who had underlying health conditions have died.

There are currently no vaccines or medications that work to prevent or treat infection of the virus and antibiotics do not work.

Scientists from Emory University who are researching the Heartland virus said they have discovered it is circulating in lone star ticks in central Georgia, providing new evidence as to how the tick-borne virus may evolve and spread geographically and from one organism to another.

Lone star ticks, also known as Amblyomma americanum, are the most common tick in the state and are mostly found in woodlands with dense undergrowth.

They are named after their unique appearance—a female lone tick has a silvery-white, star-shaped spot on the center of its back.

Scientists at Emory University sampled nearly 10,000 juvenile and adult lone star ticks across the state between 2018 and 2019 and found the virus was prevalent among the population.

The ticks were collected from sites in Georgia's Putnam and Jones counties and separated into groups, each containing either five adults or 25 nymphs, then crushed and placed into a solution to test if they were carrying the virus.

Their findings indicate that roughly one out of every 2,000 of the specimens collected from the areas carried the Heartland virus and confirm active transmission within the state.

One adult and one nymph sample, both of which were collected on the same date, tested positive from a site in Putnam County, which is used for hunting. Another sample of adult ticks, collected on a different date from a stretch of woods along a highway in Jones County, also tested positive.

The research was published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, a CDC publication.

"Heartland is an emerging infectious disease that is not well understood," said Gonzalo Vazquez-Prokopec, a leading expert in vector-borne diseases, associate professor in Emory's Department of Environmental Sciences, and senior author of the study.

"We're trying to get ahead of this virus by learning everything that we can about it before it potentially becomes a bigger problem."

Genetic analysis of the viral samples showed that their genomes are similar to one another, but very different from the genomes of Heartland virus samples from outside of Georgia.

"These results suggest that the virus may be evolving very rapidly in different geographic locations, or that it may be circulating primarily in isolated areas and not dispersing quickly between those areas," Vazquez-Prokopec said.

Scientists now plan to collect ticks from across Georgia and conduct further tests to better understand factors that may raise the risk for Heartland virus.

"We want to start filling in the huge gaps in knowledge of the transmission cycle for Heartland virus," Vazquez-Prokopec added. "We need to better understand the key actors that transmit the virus and any environmental factors that may help it to persist within different habitats."

The Heartland virus was first discovered in two men in northwest Missouri in 2009 who were both hospitalized with high fevers, diarrhea, muscle pains, low counts of white blood cells and platelets, as well as other symptoms related to tick-borne diseases.

As of January 2021, more than 50 cases of the disease caused by the virus have been reported across the states of Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, according to the CDC, which noted that the majority of those diagnosed with the disease became ill between May and September.

Researchers noted that there has been a single confirmed human infection of Heartland virus in a Baldwin County, Georgia resident who died in 2015 of what was then an unidentified illness but later discovered to be the infection after a retroactive analysis.

While little is known about the Heartland virus, the infection rate remains relatively low, and Vazquez-Prokopec said researchers don't want to create panic but rather raise awareness of the disease.

"There is no reason to panic," he told Newsweek. "Our goal with the study was to describe an emerging infectious disease for which we know very little. The main point for people in Georgia and anywhere where the lone star tick lives is that we are entering the spring. Ticks are very active and we show that there is a risk of ticks biting people and Heartland being transmitted. The lone star tick is the tick that bites most people in the South. As people venture out recreationally, we have to remind them about the importance of preventing tick bites."
Reloading / Bruno's SS has BR-4's in Stock
January 21, 2022, 01:38:41 PM
Small Rifle Primers in stock at Bruno's Shooters Supply:
General Discussion / Every Morning about 7:15...
January 20, 2022, 05:41:22 PM
These Minnesotans have gotten up every morning over the last 60+ days for their daily morning dip! They were at it again this morning (Only -15 degrees F @ 7:30AM).

Me? Growing up I use to ski in a water ski show and one year we dragged the boats down to the Mississippi a little south of St Paul and went water skiing (I went bare footing).   8)

Tomorrow they get off easy, it will only be -5 at 7AM!   These Minnesotans have gotten up every morning over the last 60+ days for their daily morning dip! They were at it again this morning (Only -15 degrees F @ 7:30AM).

Me? Growing up I use to ski in a water ski show and one year we dragged the boats down to the Mississippi a little south of St Paul and went water skiing on New Years Day (I went bare footing).   8)
Santa flew down from the North Pole to El Paso County, Colorado Sheriff's office to get his CC Permit!  No word on where he stashed his sleigh and reindeer.

I wonder if he carries a .45 or a 9mm...   8)
Give new meaning to the word HUGE!!!

Just a heads up, avoid this website "". It is fraudulent.
Spoke to the folks at Browning, and a gun i was looking at will not be released until January. This website stated they had them in stock, but only took debit cards thru Zelle. 👍 or Bitcoin. 

Here is another website to avoid: 

Reloading / Use Brass in Stock
November 25, 2021, 02:21:43 PM
I saw this link on another forum about having certain once fired brass in stock in case anyone was in need of some: 

Reloading / 6.5 Grendel Primers?
November 19, 2021, 12:50:49 PM
Looking for a little feedback on a few reloads I worked up for my 6.5 Grendel:

6.5 Grendel Primers?
Rittenhouse found NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!
Ammunition / Ammo Supplier Website Scam!
November 04, 2021, 10:43:28 AM
Not sure if this was already posted but better to be safe than sorry!

The following website reports to have loaded ammo in stock, Buyer Beware! 

And if that's not enough try this on for size:

It takes a complete lack of common sense to think a website sole payment options are bitcoin and bank transfers is not a scam.

Here is a little info from the BBB:

Surf (and purchase) Safely!        8)
Reloading / Temperature Sensitivity of Various Powders
September 23, 2021, 07:19:13 AM
Found this on the web on how various powders are affected by the increasing or decreasing of temperature.    8)
General Discussion / Good News!
September 11, 2021, 08:13:46 AM
So I'm considering this new scope for a new build...

COBRA Rifle Scope.

AR Variants / Added a new Toy!
May 23, 2021, 02:22:10 PM
About 2 months ago I add a Christensen Arms CA 9mm carbine. Bought it with the 16" carbon fiber wrapped barrel. The stock single stage match-grade trigger is very crisp with no creep. (I have read it is a Trigger Tech trigger.) I topped it off with a Holosun HE503CU-GR Elite sight which has a 65 MOA ring, 2 MOA dot that I can Toggle between.    8)
Reloading / Hornady Tech Support 2nd to NONE!!!
April 12, 2021, 11:24:34 AM
So I just called up Hornady and reached their tech support department. Jordan answered the phone. I told him I own their Bench Rest Grade powder measure and asked him for the specific part # for a powder charge drop tube (.204 Ruger caliber) and asked if I could order it directly from them. As he was looking up the part he began asking for my full name and mailing address. Bottom line, Jordan would NOT let me pay for the part and stated he would ship it out to me free of charge! THAT my friends is how you breed customer loyalty!   8)
Reloading / Short handle for RCBS Rock Chucker?
March 15, 2021, 12:11:01 PM
I have and use 2 single stage presses for my reloading. My primary press is a Forster CoAx (used strictly for 6.5 CM & 6.5 Grendel) which I have installed the 'short' handle on. My other press is an RCBS R.C. Supreme (use this press exclusively for .223 reloading). I have seen a shorter handle for the Summit Press and was wondering if it will work on a Rock Chucker or if you can buy a shorter length handle for it like the Forster CoAx?  TIA Stu!   8)