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Magnetospeed vs. Labradar?

Started by ALL THE WAY, July 11, 2017, 02:29:07 PM

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I have a standard IR optical chronograph and would like to upgrade.  The magneto speed seemed to be the ideal answer until the subject of barrel harmonics came up.  I have heard that it doesn't affect harmonics.  If that is so, the why bed actions or ad compensators to barrels.  I'm just wonderin?  Does anyone have experience with Labradar?  Since the price is not that much different between the high end Magnetospeed and the Labradar I would like to hear from users.  One question I have in particular is the sensitivity of the Labradar ( # of did not detect errors), and will it pick up bullets from other shooters beside you on the range.  I have other questions, but these are the main ones.



Thanks TXCAS.  I guess I didn't scroll far enough down.  The other string answered all my questions.