January 24, 2022, 05:59:39 PM


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Shot Show 2022

Started by sportacus, January 04, 2022, 10:53:05 PM

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Still scheduled to start 18 Jan 22.  Sig Sauer pulled out early because of covid concerns.  Whole thing might fall apart at the last minute.

Have been cruising the web looking for new stuff.  Checked the Browning site yesterday.  Seems to me they are focused on long range rifles.  Good with it, but I don't need one.  However, showed a Limited X Bolt left-hand.  Blued with brown laminate stock.  Does not show specs.  Interested in caliber offerings.  Have a left hand 2015 Shot Show X Bolt in 6.5CM.  Gray laminate and stainless.  Probably my favorite rifle.  Shoots small with just about anything you run in it.  Light and handy.  Even when I go somewhere and carry the 6.5 PRC as the primary, the Browning is cased up and ready as a back-up in case something stupid happens.  Don't need another deer rifle
but considering.  Hate it that their X Bolts in 7mag have 26"barrels. 
If you have the shot, take it.


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I've never attended one but would
like to just for the experience. Recently, managers have done a great job covering the event and the products over the internet. If they don't meet, hopefully the internet info will still be there.



No way I would go to SHOT Show until this covid thing is over. You would get sick in normal years with the SHOT Show crud so I am sure it will be worse now. Many companies learning to do without it now.