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6.5 Creedmoor barrel

Started by writerman, December 27, 2021, 02:02:01 AM

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Yes, for a sniper scenario I would much rather have the longer barrel of the 20s.


To get back to the op's question.. from what i could find about the ar10 platform that criterion is up toward the top of the list when it comes to accurate ar10 barrels.. it will be what i put on my m5e1 when it comes time..


Krieger also makes both AR15 and AR10 barrels.  I have a 6.5 Grendel for one of my AR15 uppers and it shoots really well.  They support AR10's on 6.5CM with your choice of twist, length (up to 26") and offer you the option to get a JP Enterprises bolt and they will headspace it to that bolt.  If I were to build an AR10, I would definitely consider a barrel from them.
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December 28, 2021, 03:07:06 PM #18 Last Edit: December 28, 2021, 03:10:06 PM by writerman
I went to the JP site and they do have a 22" barrel build, but I really want a 24" because I think for the longer distances it makes a difference however small. Small differences at that distance sometimes make a big difference. I like the monolithic builds, and JP sorta has one. I had them build me a 6.5 Grendel and it's hugely accurate, so I trust their barrels. I was just looking to complete these two lowers I already have set up. I don't know if anyone has tried them but for long distance shooting I LOVE the Hiperfire two stage triggers. They are SO smooth, that it does make a huge difference in accuracy. I haven't hit the sweet spot yet with my loads. Takes time. I really think that any barrel I do end up with, will outshoot me anyway. LOL!  And keep the info. coming. It's been very helpful, thanks.


One more suggestion.  I've shot a few X-Caliber barrels (both AR and Bolt) and found them respectable.  My 6mm Grendel was sourced from them.  They offer up to a 28" bull barrel (0.925 muzzle) which may be helpful to reach out to 1000 yards.  More to consider.

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December 31, 2021, 06:43:20 PM #20 Last Edit: December 31, 2021, 06:46:56 PM by lg65cmsd
writerman- " I haven't hit the sweet spot yet with my loads".   Mine was with both my 20" &24" bbb (Rock River Arms off the shelf)  +/- 2700 fps.  Using anyone of four powders.  I use Hornady 140 HPBT Match bullets for thrift and it also shoots 142 SMKs great.  Loaded to 'mag length'.   It produced groups where bullets in the groups were touching or nearly so at 100 yds.  You, a person, I, could run it faster, but my rifle cycles reliably at this MV.  Pitches brass at 4 o'clock.    Chambers and extracts as advertised.     So at this velocity I have accuracy and reliability.    One problem, probably the most written about, with the AR-10 builders have is getting them gassed right.    FWIW and hope this helps.  lg   


For my gas gun build Iwas plagued by supply issues but was able to get a 24" Wilson Combat barrel in 1/8 twist rifle lenth gas tube (with a Superlative arms adj gas block) in 416 SS, had it cryo'd at Sprinco and black nitrided. Matched with an AP upper and Toolcraft( sold by Palmetto State) dual ejector BCG. The JP BCG had a long wait and  the TC group  dual ejector bolt is highly recomended. I have been impressed by the Toolcraft quality and already recieved a small frame unit as a spare. Still working on my loads but am happy so far.


I have a 26" Krieger on mine it's reasonably accurate MOA maybe a bit better. I do recommend the JP high pressure bolt and order your barrel and gas tube together from the same place so the gas tube is the proper length.  Remember there are no standards on AR-10's so everyones parts are a little different upper receiver and hand guard rail height may not match from manufacture to manufacture.  Mine are about an 1/8" mismatch


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I built an AR10 loaded with all premium parts including a heavy 26" Bartlein barrel and it would hold 1/2" MOA 5 shot groups all day long. I was so impressed with that Bartlein B. I built a custom 6.5 CM bolt gun and that platform shoots even better! You would be hard pressed to come up with a better barrel for your rifle.
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You are spending your money and so you do what you want, but before you drop a considerable sum, no matter what barrel you choose, there are some things I feel you should consider.  IF you want to have reasonable precision at 1,000 yards with a 6.5 Creedmoor it requires a heavy for caliber bullet, with a high BC, running with as much velocity as you can safely achieve. You are limited by the length of your magazine as to overall cartridge length.  The Creedmoor was designed to allow long heavy 6.5 mm bullets with high BC's to do this, so it is a good choice for your plan.  You need to be at or above Mach1.2 at 1,000 yards to get the most accuracy at that range.  I run my Creed at 2,815 fps with a bolt gun and a very long OAL and a 30+ inch barrel.  Be sure your throat will allow you to chamber the longest round your magazine will hold with a 140-144 grain match bullet with enough muzzle velocity to get to 1,000 yards at Mach 1.2 in order to stay above the transonic range for maximum accuracy.  You can always single load a longer round than your magazine will hold if your throat is long enough.  Longer barrels allow more velocity at suitable pressures for your  action.  A 28-30" barrel helps in this regard.  Best of luck with your rifle.


Boltman, I have been running my guns to 1K and new to hitting a target at that distance.  My MV is in a range +/- 40 fps around 2700.  Mostly around 2730.  I'm still working on the load for a new rifle. 

  I'm shooting those bullets, 140/144 Berger HTs.    I had some factory 140s that ran over 2800 fps that was very accurate.   Now I read where you are running these at 2815.   I can load that fast pressure wise, 24" bbl.   What is the accuracy node when you get up to 2800s?  How wide around 2815 either side?   In your experience of course.  TIA, lg