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204 Ruger

Started by jvw2008, December 23, 2021, 01:48:48 AM

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With a 24 inch barrel its pretty easy to send a 40 gr bulit out the end up there around 3850 . My savage barrel is a 1 and 12 twist and it shot the v-max fantastic.. im trying to find my old thread.. if i can i will post it..




Gone Fishin

I played around with the .204 a year ago in the fall.  I bought a T.C. Compass and put it in a Boyds stock.  I picked the Compass because it was the on;y factory gun that had a little faster twist rate of  1 in 10 to shoot a little heavier bullets.
I started developing a load for the 40 g Vmax.  I was using Norma Brass, CCi BR4 primers and Benchmark powder. I was shooting the gun off of a Caldwell rest to help take some of me out of the equation. Charge weight came down to three shot groups at 100 yds as follows:
24.9 g - .321 inches
25.1 gr - .283 inches
25.3 gr - .458 inches but 2 were in the same hole.

i chose the 25.1 gr of benchmark with an average velocity of 3388 on the magnetospeed. I have loads to test distance off of the lands from like 10 thousandth to 50 thousandths but that is as far as I got.  The dang little cheap gun is a shooter!

A good buddy of mine did an A.R. build in .204 with the faster barrel twist just for coyotes.  He hunts at night mostly in woods and thickets and old coal mine spoils.so shots are not terribly long.  He shot the gun for at least a year.  I will just say that he is now using a 6.5 gendal build!  But remember, he hunts in the thicker terrain, which is what we have around us in so. Illinois.


6.5 Creedmoor???? What's a 204 must be on wrong page


This forum started out as the 6.5 creedmoor forum.. in hopes of gaining new interest in the membership and new members in general it became the creedmoor forum.. in the spirit of not limiting ourselves to just the creedmoors open discussion about other carts has been welcomed..