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Attitude of people that work in the firearm business

Started by TeddyBear45, December 19, 2021, 08:06:33 AM

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I'm an older newbie to firearms and have noticed one irritating thing over the last couple of months.  A LOT of people that work behind gun counters and at ranges are jerks with an attitude.  Don't get me wrong, I've come across a handful of awesome people, but I have also come across a huge amount of people that are just plain rude.
I may have more basic questions than the experienced folks, but I always try to be polite and friendly because I want to learn and I like to show respect for their knowledge and experience.

I get the last two years with labor shortages, huge demand for firearms/ammo, a lot new gun ownersh etc can create a lot of work stress for people, so maybe that's the reason, but can't help but wonder if this has always been.


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Teddy I'm also in that older age group but not new to the sport. I also recently see sales folks cop an attitude on occasion. Not just in the firearm business but in all retail sales. I think it's more a generational thing (think they are called the Z generation) than a firearm thing.


It happens everywhere. Firearm related or not.
I think everyone generally has less patience, lots of folks on the edge. I don't get to worked up anymore. I will spend my money where the products and good service are however if I have that option. I think of the pressure I currently have, and realize they probably have it too.
Heck just this week, my youngest (9) has been off and on stomach pains, puking, ( been to the dr twice) my oldest has a sore knee, my wife tore her Achilles' tendon, I have not finished Xmas shopping, I have to pack for Xmas for the in-laws, 1.5 days after we get home we are off to the lake. My wife can not drive her stick shift car to work, so I drop her off. At least my 9 yr old had a good day today, and hopefully is done with all that. If I met my mirrored self out shopping, I could see me being not at my best. Sadly.


A lot of the "Short Tempers" I see these days have increased sharply over the past few years. I feel most of this is due to what's happened and what is happening to America. The lies and future uncertainty weighs heavily on ones shoulders and tolerance is in short supply.
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As much as I don't care for self-checkout lines, I'm starting to use them more and more with each trip to the store. It's not just the short-tempered checkers, more often than not it's the jerk customers who are rude to the checkers who in turn take it out on the next customer. We are rapidly losing our civility.

I can only recall being treated poorly at a gun store one time, it's not even worth mentioning since I found out the dick got fired for other reasons  :D

Gun ranges are another matter, although I've managed to personally avoid the sort of conflict that results in ejection. It rubs both ways from what I've seen; know-it-all shooters who piss off the ROs and  ROs who pass on a teaching opportunity with a new shooter. The range I shoot at now has all but eliminated this sort of friction ever since they went members-only.   


In the 5 stores where I buy components they clerks have learned to "snap" NO to any question concerning primers!!] It is no wonder their patience is wearing thin when they get the same questions over and over! Have any of you guys found primers anywhere?
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Folks at local Sportsman's Warehouse generally are good to deal with.  Most times they'll spend the time needed, especially with all the added things Cal DOJ requires. Also do see a few of them out at Sac Valley Shooting Center. One nice thing, is that the store posts on facebook when they get powder or primers in. And they do the post with a photo of what they have the day before the supplies are available for sale. They do limit to 1lb of powder and 1k primers per day.
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mnbogboy- "Have any of you guys found primers anywhere? "   Other than Midway and Brownells, no.  And even when they have them they want 4x's pre-shortage prices.   Still their supply does not last long.  None in the LGS I trade at since fall of 2019.