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Advice/Feedback on a new purchase

Started by TeddyBear45, December 11, 2021, 10:09:43 AM

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First off, please pardon any unintentional ignorance I may display.  Just trying to learn and my head is spinning a bit regarding scope mounts/MOA, etc.

Bottom line is I'm trying to figure out the shooting range of my new rifle and scope purchase, and if I can work with this set up or not.

I'd like the ability to shoot out to 1000 yards (sounds like a good number in case a war breaks out), but mostly my target shooting will be much shorter than that.  I am not a hunter.

I purchased a Savage 110 Tactical in 6.5 Creedmoor.  It has a 20 MOA rail mount.
My scope is a Trijicon Huron 3-9x40mm, with 40 MOA of adjustment.

What are my realistic capabilities here?  My course in basic rifle shooting in mid-January can't come soon enough!


Welcome to the forum teddybear45.. not familiar with the scope you have but if the scope has 40 minutes of travel . On a 0 moa rail that would give you roughly 20 moa of travel up and down from a 100 yard zero.. not enough to get you to a 1000.. but add the 20 moa rail and that gives you roughly 40 moa of up travel and that will get you to a 1000 yards.. now the issue will be is how good you can see the target at a 1000 yards with a 3x9 power scope.. throw in a little mirage and it may be difficult to see what your shooting at way out there with that scope.. i personally like to run 5x25 power scopes and use 20 power of it when shooting long.. so to answer your question of will your setup get you to a 1000 yards.. it should...


Thanks Grant,

Appreciate the welcome and much obliged for the great feedback.  Thank you.  Definitely gave me some framework to think more on my setup.  Very excited to get out there and shoot my new rifle soon.  Been a handgun guy to this point.