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Showing the 284 some love..

Started by gman47564, September 21, 2021, 06:27:04 PM

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Shot my straight 284 some this evening.. hadn't shot it in several months.. mainly to save on components for it.. but today i got a 500 count box of the 184 f open hybrids inbound for it.. so decided to shoot it a few times.. i built this gun and developed the load for it in one weekend.. lol.. dont think i have changed the load at all.. still shooting pretty good.. my 250 yard group has a little horizontal stringing to it.. not sure if that was me or the load or the 7 or 8 mph wind we have this evening.. will shoot it a few more times before i change the load any.. the 5 shot 100 yard group looks good..


It's nice to give all the toys some time in the sun.  I shot my 6mm Grendel on Monday just to verify that it still shot as good as I remember......and it did :).   Just fun to spend time behind the rifle.
If everything seems under're just not going fast enough


Gman, what powder is your favorite to use with your straight 284? 


Lg the reloader 23 powder is all i have used in my 284.. it gave me the case fill and speed i was looking for with the 184 berger hybrids right out of the gate.. and has shot really well..