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I'm about to Die looking at Dies!

Started by Square Grouper, February 08, 2021, 06:13:45 AM

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Square Grouper

I'm in the market for a Full Length bushing sizing die and micrometer seating die.  Can't find a Whidden Type S in 6.5 CM anywhere on the interwebs.  My secondary options are a Whidden set or an RCBS Matchmaster set.  This is my first venture into bushing dies, any thoughts on why one over the other?  Thanks in advance for the thoughts!

Ranger 188

Try here.


If I didn't need a bushing die for my chambers that require neck turning to get proper clearance I'd skip the bushing for a conventional FL die.

Bushing dies require multiple bushings, at least 2 unless you pick the right bushing first. Many argue you will get increased runout off a bushing die compared to conventional.

If you have to have a bushing die to fit a certain chamber neck dimension consider Redding & LE Wilson as well.

For a Micrometer Seater in a screw in die my first choice is hands down Forster and I've had most of the others to compare to it.


i agree with hufd63... i personally am not a fan of the bushing dies... i prefer a forester competition  fl sizer die myself...i also like using a redding body die to size the body and bump the shoulder back and then a lee neck sizing collet die....

also you cant go wrong with the forster micrometer seating die...


I have One Forster and one Redding mic seater. They both work well.
My Redding did not come with vld stem. ( bought a die set ) It was an additional $45 or whatever it was.
I tape a magnifying glass to my press when using the Redding as it has small increment marks.


That's why I prefer the Forster over the Redding. The big knob with big numbers is much easier to read and easier to make a half thou' adjustment.
Pretty hard to do on my Redding or Hornady seaters.


A little extra light on the Redding knob really helps, but I also prefer the larger indicators on the Whidden and Forster seaters.


a little thread drift here....
@Square Grouper   I worked with a professor who pulled a proton magnometer for Mel Fisher in the late '70's/early '80's in the waters off Key West.  They found a fair number of square grouper floating about.  He said it made the job of dragging that sensor for days on end tolerable. :D


Have you looked at LE Wilson for dies?
Nice tools!!


I run the same set up as gman and use a RCBS Gold Metal Match seating die, I've looked at the bushing in the past, but chose the LEE collet die, my run out is 1k or less on my necks, so why bother with anything else IMO.


I have a whole shelf of 6.5 Creedmoor dies going back to the original Hornady dies.  I have 2 F-Class rifles in 6.5 Creed and my current tools are a Widden Click Adjustable bushing die every other time alternated with a Lee Collet die.  Before that I used a Redding Body die and the Lee.  I used a Forester Mic Seating die until I switched to a Wilson and Arbor Press and got even better run out.  Good luck in your search.


Forester Ultra Micrometer Seater Die is what I use for several calibers. One full rotation moves the seating stem 0.025" vs 0.050 like Redding. The micrometer head is large and easy to read. The forester dies also support the entire case length with helps greatly control concentricity.

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Forster Micrometer seating die here.  And waiting delivery from Whidden on a custom Fl sizing die. I've used RCBS sizer and Forster bushing sizing die.  But, size necks with mandrel these days.