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Reloading / Re: H4350 in Stock at MidSouth
March 31, 2022, 03:22:19 PM
Quote from: VA-XBolt on March 31, 2022, 09:15:13 AMMy local gun stores are pretty much always out of stock for anything I'm looking for, though I will drop in on occasion just in case. I've not been able to get powder, components or factory ammo locally for about 4+ years.

Don't know your situation in VA.  My uninformed assessment is the homeboys running your local stores are lazy.  The chit is out there if they will bite and scratch. We are rolling up on ammo and components from shops that range from 10x20 Ahearn buildings to much bigger stores. All our regular haunts do not poor mouth.  "Covid" "Supply Chain" and other excuses.  If they don't have what we are looking for, tell us yes or no. If a no, working their butts off to get it.

I have been presently surprised in the last month by Grab A Gun, Midsouth, Brownell's and Uncle Larry.  Was on their wait/alert lists for certain items.  It worked.  Hang in there.  I am convinced things are getting better.


Hunting / Re: Shot Placement
March 31, 2022, 03:01:49 PM
Excellent videos.  Tip of the hat to you guys that self-film.  We are playing with the Speer 140 Gold Dot.  If we can get accurate loads at around 2650-2700, will be the go-to for the Creedmoors. Taking a break to chase longbeards. From initial results, no doubt that pill will blow through both shoulders and damage any "heavy" logging/construction equipment parked in the exit path.  Know a T-post is softer steel, but these little hornets wreck them.
Reloading / Re: H4350 in Stock at MidSouth
March 30, 2022, 04:26:35 PM
Quote from: VA-XBolt on March 30, 2022, 07:26:17 AMWhatever is in stock goes quick.

Personally, I check about a dozen sites daily, sometimes twice a day checking on components. It's a constant battle trying to keep enough in stock to shoot. The last H4350 that I was actually able to purchase was back in October, of 2020..
As do I.  Check the web and make personal appearances at LGS's.  Like a chicken in the barnyard scratching  for a "touch."
Reloading / Re: H4350 in Stock at MidSouth
March 29, 2022, 04:08:51 PM
Hunting / Shot Placement
March 29, 2022, 04:05:37 PM
Have been a "behind the shoulder" shooter since I was a wee lad.  Fatal, but you might have to track for a bit.  Watched Allan Rovig from McWhorter Rifles and one of his smith's last night.  Best explanation I have ever seen/read of why "high shoulder" is the ticket.  They are strictly Berger shooters.  Several clips of "bang flops."  Have mentioned here before.  Now too old and doddery to go thrashing around in a LA swamp thicket or a TN hardwood ridge on a recovery.

Use the Caldwell full sized whitetail photo target to train new hunters.  Positioned properly, if the light is right, you are convinced a trophy 10 is standing there at a 100 yards. That is how I will break this old dog to a new habit.

Rovig laid it out.  Come up the rear of the leg, center mass, point of the shoulder, turn it loose. I love a challenge.   ;D 
Ammunition / The Ammo Fairy Dinged Me
March 29, 2022, 03:30:47 PM
Laid hands on four boxes of Federal Terminal Ascent 6.5 CM factory from Grab a Gun. $47 a box. Messed up.  Should have ordered a case.  Out of stock now.
Got a box of Berger 156 EOL from Bowie Outfitters in Natchez, MS.  Had a shot at some CCI BR2's.  Two brick limit. We have a pretty good stash of 210 M's but will use the BR2's if in a bind or as wampum to trade for something I need.  Things looking a little better for factory ammo and components. Spotted Dog in Columbia, LA had Winchester large/small pistol primers and small rifle primers aplenty.  There is hope.
Quote from: LeadHammer on March 22, 2022, 03:57:29 PMNeed to let l 5 billion Guinea Fowl.

Chickens will also keep the yard clean of ticks.  Your guinea suggestion would keep the fields and woods tick free but the commotion would make deer/turkey hunting a real challenge.   ;D
The farmer that does my food plots in TN got the double slammer last year.  Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Heartland. He is young and was very healthy. The combo almost killed him. Took the docs months to figure out what was wrong.  I treat my woods/work clothes with Sawyer permethrin spray.  One treatment lasts for 6 washings.  I usually retreat after 2-3.  Have been using it for years. Ticks are prolific in Middle TN. Not skeered of snakes or four legged critters with mouths full of teeth, but ticks get my attention.  TXhillybilly, thanks for the sulfur tip.  Will add that to my regimen.
General Discussion / Re: New Truck
March 17, 2022, 08:36:43 AM
Yes sir.  Owned a 2014 and 2019 with the 5.7's.  Best I ever got on the open road was 16 MPG.
General Discussion / Re: New Truck
March 16, 2022, 02:28:21 PM
Averaged 22.8 MPG, 75 MPH with cruise engaged between Memphis and Jackson, TN.  Liking it so far.  Learning curve pretty steep learning all the electronics/avionics.  I'll get there.
General Discussion / Re: Hunting Rifle Upgrade
March 16, 2022, 02:24:38 PM
Don't own one but hear nothing but good things about the Tikka's.  My friend Jim bought a T3 Superlite, 6.5 PRC in Veil camo a couple of months ago.  It is a hammer.  143 ELD-X factory and 156 EOL Berger reloads shine.  He is searching for feral hogs to check performance of the 156's. They have become scarce.
Put out a net call for Litehiker a few months back. He and I opposite ends of the spectrum, but, he raised some interesting tech issues. Check his profile. Might have moved on. Will be gentle.  I turned 69 two days ago.  When I pass, there will be fireworks, volume drinking and grandmothers that were "friends" of mine gently weeping.  I am still kicking, reloading and killing deer. Will insure a family member logs in under Sportacus and simply posts, "He gone."  LOL
Reloading / Re:
March 06, 2022, 04:37:26 PM
Gearing up to do credit card battle with a crew out of MO that will remain unnamed till I get satisfaction.  Ordered a case of 135 Classic Hunter in 6.5 CM, JAN '21. Showed in stock, but when I pulled the trigger, backordered. Dinged my card anyway.  Called six months later.  "need to check with the vendor."  Scuse me, you are the vendor.  E-mailed, tried to call the last couple of months.  NADA.  They seemed legit.  Building custom rifles and on the competition tour.  Guess the they think MO is a neutral zone. Not really a long drive to their nest from LA and even shorter from my jump CP in TN.  Request my pardon up front:  I hate a mother-fu*king thief only second to a adulterer. 
General Discussion / Re: New Truck
March 03, 2022, 04:17:07 PM
SR5 with the SR package.  Just need a full-size truck with 4-wheel drive and towing package.  What I got. White, no badging. Will fly under the radar. Do lots of interstate time and push the envelope.   

My 2019 was a Limited, Barcelona Red. It screamed, "Hey Mr. Trooper, look at me, look at me!" Only let it go because I had no warranty left.  67,000 miles, pristine and all maintenance done at dealerships.  Reality has settled in.  Will turn 69 next week and all broken up from a "active" soldier's life.  If I break down, want to be able to make the recovery call and not take out a second mortgage.

   They gave me $1,000 over Blue Book on the trade. Wife has a 2021 TRD Pro. Mine has less bells and whistles than hers.  Good with it.  Came with a 90 day subscription to Sirius.  Will renew.  Listen to conservative talk radio, classic country and rock from the 60's and 70's.  This set up is the cat's whiskers.  Was a diehard Silverado fanatic until they dropped the 350 and were bailed out. Tundra man for life because of the reliability and resale value.

Committed to this truck deal before it was even built.  Small dealership in Alexandria, LA.  When a transporter shows up, every vehicle onboard is already sold.  Crazy.
Reloading / Re: Primers in stock
March 02, 2022, 06:04:59 PM
Thank you for the heads up.