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Wildcats / 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
 So. I'm getting a hankering for another carbine. But this one needs to have some Thump to it.
 I want a 338 - 375 cal bullet , at least 225 gr going at least 2650 fps. From a 16.5 " barrel.
 Built on a stainless Ruger M77 Mk2 or Hawkeye action.
Hunting / Caribou down
Friend that just happened to be going by just as I got my knife out to start working it up.
Hunting / Caribou down
 Finally after a couple years of nuthin.
Reloading / Hooked on velocity, no , data, no , chronograph.
 So, I spent almost all day disassembling ammo I loaded in 06 +07 . It was great in the rifle I developed them in but that rifle is long gone.
 Now I have a new to me rifle in the same cartridge . But just didn't think it wise to start torching off ammo that tho was loaded to book powder charges. Those charges were max book.
 First thing I needed was a good reliable bear load as spring has come a month or more early. And the punks in fur coats are probably getting ready to be out and about.
 So, I pound about 100 bullets out of their homes. No small task considering I used a Lee Factory Crimp die to keep them from moving. Dump the powder, decap , anneal , trim and champfer . Then I primed a dozen as I was running short on time.
 Settle on a mid book load as my temporary stopping point having already done a bit of loading starting at starting charge weights last week.
 Load the dozen , go out on the back deck and torch a couple off to check for any problems.
 Everything looks very good.  So, I should be set.
 But there is this nagging bug in my head that wants to know how fast my bullets are going. Well, the book says X is the starting velocity . And Y is the velocity at max charge weight/pressure. I'm right in the middle so Z should be the velocity of these loads.
 Yup, that's what it should be. The bullets are going fast enough to do the job at hand if needed.
 But it bugs me to no end not knowing pretty much exactly how fast my bullets are going.
 If I had the time I could set up the chronograph and find out. But no time. Or daylight. So now I have to wait 18 hours or so to stop this from bugging me.  :-[
  Anyone else suffer from chronograph data itis ?
Reloading / A nice upgrade
 Really been wanting one of these for like 20 years. Finally found a slightly used one for a good price. Like Only 1 box of ammo. 
 I really like all the station holes . It indexes nice and tight. I lightly lubed it with Amsoil full synthetic 2 cycle oil . Really good stuff.
 I just got it mounted on the bench. Gotta get everything adjusted then start cranking out ammo.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Please educate me on Red Dot optical sights
 Are there any styles or designs that tend to be more robust or reliable regardless of price. Or are they all dollar dependent .
 This will go on an AR with mil spec front sight so I will need a riser mount . Like those I listed.
There are almost Too many options !
 This is the style I'm thinking about.
Or this.
 Thanks in advance.
AR Variants / AR15 complete upper/BCG headspace ?
I'm thinking about getting a complete upper minus bcg and charging handle . And get a bcg ect.
 My question is, what does it take to headspace the bolt correctly ?
 Thanks in advance .
Hunting / 142 AB LR ?
 Has anyone used these for hunting ?
 If so , how did the bullets do?
 What vel, range, penetration , wound channel ?? Ect.
 Thanks in advance.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / New NightForce
So; I haven't bought it yet. But this scope is on the top of my short list.

One of my biggest requirements is for the scope to have a short eyepiece. And long enough eye relief so I can have a 13" lop on my 458 and not get ringed. This scope has 3.75" eye relief . which is a q/4" less than I prefer. But it looks short enough in the eyepiece . That the very back end of the scope shouldn't protrude much past the rear of the striker. Which is the gold standard for a rifle with a fair amount of recoil.
 One reviewer was negatively commenting on the diameter of the center dot. Myself, I like that size. A bit over 1 moa. So as its a ffp it will cover 6.5 moa at 500 yards.
 I would get the mil/mil version tho.
 In some ways the Vortex Razor 2, 1-6 ×24 is better. Full 4" of eye relief. But the eye piece is a bit longer than I want. And, it weighs 10 oz more than the NX8.
 I emailed NightForce requesting information on this scope . Asking if it is as tough as some of their NXS scopes. Will see what they say.
General Discussion / Bases for Kimber Montana
 This coming Friday I should be bringing home my new rifle. A 338 Winchester.
 It doesn't come with bases and rings.
 Beings the action is something of a Model 70 clone I'm wondering if it takes Model 70 bases ?
 If anyone has a Kimber I would really appreciate any info.
 Thanks !
P.S.  I going to mount my 10x42 SWFA SS mil dot on it to check its accuracy and play a bit.
 Not sure what scope will be my final choice. But I'm leaning towards a mid their 3-15 ffp. Probably be a couple different ones along the way.
Reloading / Nosler142 gr AccuNond LR ????
 Anyone using these ? Or developed a load with them . I picked up a box of 100 in Tok today and want to see if they are tough enough to be a stand alone expanding bullet in my Creed. My primary fur bullet is the 144 gr Lapua FMJBT . I'm hoping that to 400 yards they have similar drop and drift. I know they won't be zactly the same. But if I don't have to do any turret fiddling. Out to 400. That would sure simplify things . this week I'm going to HBN them all up . I'll probably get a box of North Fork 140 gr for a moose bullet , close range .
 Anyway, I've got plenty of H4350 and Rl17. . It would be AWESOME if my rifle shot them as well as it does the Berger 140 Hunting VLD. .
 Might even aneal some brass and stuff.
 Thanks .
Reloading / A nice looking boolit

 .476" diameter, .396" meplat . .838" bullet length . 381.3 grain weight.
 Should be able to push it over 1300 fps from my revolver.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Advice requested, Top Tier rifle scope or spotting scope
So this bison hunt taught me that I need,  or at least can somewhat justify an optic that I can hopefully very clearly see an animal at a mile or more .
 The scope I'm interested in is the IOR Valdada  4-28×50, 40 mm tube Recon .
 That rifle scope is about the same price as a Swarovski spotter. And I would get far more pleasure from a rifle scope than a spotting scope.