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Forum Blog / It is time for a forum software update
When I created this forum almost 12 years ago, I chose Simple Machine Forums (SMF) software. SMF had the functionality we needed and had tons of plug-ins to extend its functionality. The main problem with SMF was that installing some plug-ins could break the forum because they were making changes to the forum’s software code. We have done two major software updates to the forum, both to software forks of SMF. We went that route because the forks fixed the plug-ins design issue in SMF, SMF development was slow, and the software forks introduced better functionality. Currently we are using ElkArte, but development of ElkArte has slowed down quite a bit. Fortunately, SMF is now on par with ElkArte in terms of features and functionality, and we are still at a point where I can migrate the forum back to SMF. The mods and I have done some testing of the migration process and only found one major problem.
The migration needs to happen in stages; first we move from ElkArte to SMF 2.0. That process works perfectly but SMF 2.0 lacks some of the features that we are used to.  SMF 2.1 RC4 has the functionality we want, but it also introduces a different encryption mechanism for our passwords. That means the following:
  • ElkArte user passwords will work after migrating to SMF 2.0.
  • When users log to SMF 2.0, their passwords become compatible with SMF 2.1 RC4.
  • After upgrading from SMS 2.0 to SMF 2.1 RC4, any user that did not login to SMF 2.0 first, will have to reset their forum password. That is a problem that I have not been able to avoid.
The plan is as follows:
  • Migrate forum from ElkArte to SMF 2.0.
  • Recreate the forum portal page.
  • Install SMF plug-ins that are equivalent to the ones we are now running on ElkArte.
  • Leave the forum running SMF 2.0 for about two weeks to give people a change to log in and get their passwords migrated to the new SMF encryption.
  • Upgrade SMF 2.0 to SMF 2.1 RC4.
The migration process will start in January 2022. I will keep you updated with the dates and times the forum will be updated.
General Discussion / Attn: New Members - Post Verification
Quite a few new members have issues posting on the forum for the first time.  This because in order to prevent bots and other idiots from bombarding the forum with SPAM, we require verification of the first 5 posts.  After your 5th post, the verification stops automatically.  In order for the verification to work, you can't have any popup blockers enabled or you will never see window asking for verification.  We know this is inconvenient, but it has helped us tremendously in preventing the forum from getting spammed. 
Forum Blog / Minor changes coming up
We are moving some boards around.  In the last 9 years we have grown way beyond the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, and we feel it is time to make the site more "Creedmoor generic."  
Reloading / Alliant Powder 6.5 Creedmoor Reloading Data
The attachment has the tested load data that Alliant has developed for the Creedmoor.  As is the case with Alliant load data for most metallic cartridges, these loads are the max loads and need to be reduced by 10% for starting charges.
Reloading / Do you work up loads for suppressed and not suppressed?
I worked a load for my RPR.  It loves 42.0 gr of H4350.  Today for the first time I tried my .308 suppressor on the RPR.  I was expecting the POI to change (and it went down), but I was not expecting the bullets to be all over the place.  Do you work up loads for both suppressed and not suppressed shooting?
Forum Blog / Politics, religion, race, etc.
For the most part this is a self-moderating forum.  The purpose of this forum is to exchange information related to the 6.5 Creedmoor metallic cartridge.  Please keep politics, religion, race, etc. in other forums designated for those subjects.  If you feel that a post is inappropriate or offensive, please report it.  Aussie65 or I will take care of it.  I hate censorship but I also hate BS, so please keep it clean.
Forum Blog / Personal Messages Limit
If you are not a donator, your inbox will fill up after 75 messages and nobody will be able to send you more PMs.  If you are a donator, you get to store unlimited PMs on this site.
Forum Blog / Donators should not see ads
First, thank you very much to the forum donators.  Donators will not see ads in the forum.  I just fixed that for most of you, but there are a few where the email address used in PayPal does not match your email address in the forum.  If you donated and are still seeing ads, PM me your name, email address used in PayPal, and approximate date of donation.  I will take care of it.