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New Guy

Hello gents,

I'm a new member that just enjoys reading about this new caliber. 

Where do you get brass/ammo for this cartridge?  Is DPMS and Ruger the only manufacturers who sell off-the-shelf guns for this cart?  It sure would be nice if Savage or Remington might jump on board.

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Welcome aboard.  I got ammo from both MidwayUSA and Grafs & Sons.  I also posted with   I have brass on backorder with both of them.  It seems that off the shelf rifles areonly from DPMS and Ruger, but it would not be too hard to get a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel on a Savage rifle.

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Welcome Bucksnort,
I shoot a Savage 11 large shank(larger threads), with a ERShaw barrel screwed on. For around $200 you can have a barrel and another $40 have a local guy headspace, if you can't. Just get a gun with the proper diameter bolt head, bam, your in business. Now a Rem you'll need a gunsmith do$$.
Good Luck