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Welcome to this community for the Creedmoor metallic cartridges enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the Creedmoor cartridges, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Reloading / Re: to neck turn or to NOT neck turn
Last post by Roaneman -
It all depends on if your trying to shoot tiny groups or
just hit a plate of steel.
You can't shoot your smallest groups with a thick crosshair and 12x
@600 or a 1000 yds.
PRS or shooting steel is different than benchrest shooting for small groups.

We as forum members are here to help people with questions and to give advise
based on our experience. They need to use their judgement and see what works
for them in their uses.

Which was my intent.
Reloading / Re: to neck turn or to NOT neck turn
Last post by gman47564 -
Neck turning isnt a deep rabbit hole.. you can find used neck turners for under 300 bucks alot of times.. i think i have 250 in a 21st century lathe and it came with everything i needed to turn 6mm and 7 mm stuff.. in a factory chamber no its not necessary.. but theirs more to it than just clearance in theneck of the chamber.. its about consistent neck tension.. and thats pretty important if you want to shoot little groups..
Reloading / Re: Powder lot change
Last post by jvw2008 -
When you say a loading session I’m assuming you have already selected a charge with your old powder. Best option (if you have a chrono) is to compare velocities of each powder at the same charge, then adjust the charge of the new powder to match the velocity of the old powder.
Reloading / Powder lot change
Last post by bikemutt -
July is coming to an end, time to use up my monthly dumb question allowance, lol.

What do you guys do if you're faced with changing powder lots halfway or so into a loading session?

I know, proper planning would prevent this, I slipped up.

Reloading / Re: to neck turn or to NOT neck turn
Last post by Rob01 -
Shooting a Savage #LRP,  just had it bedded and had trigger work done. Still have a Nikon 6- 24X but getting a 45X next month.
Going to start Bench Rest matches in October in the factory class. 100 & 300 yards mostly.
thanks for the advice, probably NOT getting the neck turning gear.

Don't bother turning necks with a factory chamber. You time is better spent practicing.

And if shooting BR a higher power scope won't hurt but you have to watch cheap & high powered scopes as most times those two don;t go together well. I would use what you have now in a few matches and then see if a change is needed.
Reloading / Re: Finally Got Access To A Chrono
Last post by Rob01 -
You don't have to attach the magnetospeed to the barrel. Many attachments out there now that hold it just below. That said I test accuracy without it attached and velocity with it attached.
Reloading / Re: Finally Got Access To A Chrono
Last post by RetiredChief -
Back ground:  Chronographs were very expensive back in the late 70’s, so I designed my own.  Used a counter (4 divide by ten – 16 transistor bi-stable multivibrator) that was used in a missile system.  Designed a 1 Megahertz crystal oscillator, a start/stop circuit.  Integrated that with a 4 digit LED display module.  Triggering was a wire grid space 1 foot apart.  Counts displayed uSec that it took for the bullet to travel 1 foot.  Accuracy way about +/- 7 ft/sec.  This is basically method used in the Light type Chronos – Higher frequency and photodiodes for start/stop.

I now have both the light type Chrono and a Lab Radar unit.  My take. If you can afford one I prefer the LR unit.  1)  At the public range much simpler to use compared to the light type.

1)   Light type:  May be inconvenient to use on a range with multi-shooters.  Lighting could be a problem. Accuracy is dependent on how level (Horizontally/vertically) the bullet travels between the two light posts.  IE if it triggers the first photo diode say 3 in up from center and triggers the 2nd diode 3” down from center (I Know you are a better shot) the bullet would travel approx. 1 “ more and your reported Velocity would be lower, in this extreme case 10% lower). Never report a higher velocity
2)   LR.  Missed shots – Normally this is because I’ve not aligned the LR properly.  Some have a problem with this, I use a straw. May be due to false triggering when on a public range, trigger on your neighbor’s shot (change sensitivity).  One out of about 50 rounds I’ve had it report a “weird” Vel like 5000+ ft/sec. – Most likely had two bullets (mine and neighbors).  But that is easy to adjust for. You import into excel, delete that shot and re-calculate.
3)   Magneto.  Accuracy great, not seen any one report missed shot.  I just do not like attaching something to my barrel that will effect barrel oscillations and therefore POI.

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