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Angie's List / Brownells deserves a shout out
I decided I'd try returning a couple items to Brownells, figured I might meet with some resistance, or at least have to spend time on the phone begging.

Not so; all I had to do is login to their website, click on my order, return. I was emailed a packing slip and a label. Boxed up the parts, enclosed the packing slip, stuck the label on the box and handed it to the letter carrier. A week later the items were credited to my card. No charge for return shipping.

Brownells will continue to enjoy my business!
General Discussion / Re: Score
I stopped by Fisherman's & Marine in Portland a couple weeks ago; they had 12 lbs of H4350  :o

Varget, what's that? The guy said they got in a couple cases the day before; those were gone by the time they closed.

I asked about primers, still slow but they did have some BR2's come in a few days earlier, all gone of course.

General Discussion / Re: Mini mill thoughts
There's just not enough in the budget to squeeze in a mill, and all the tooling to make it useful :(

So, necessity being the mother of invention, I migrated over pieces of the hardware from my seating force project and instrumented the 'ole drill press. Better to be stuck in an accurate 2-dimensional world than the virtual 3-dimenbsional world I can't afford right now :). Because these sensor register directly off the vise, not the handwheels, backlash affecting the readings is eliminated.

Accuracy to 4 ten-thousands is overkill for a drill press but, it's sure nice to not depend on my waning eyesight any longer  ;)

Reloading / Re: AMP Press
It's all good Grant, I borrowed theirs to start with, lol.

General Discussion / The H4350 mule
I came across a .500 Jeffery handload that calls for 119.0 grains of H4350, pushing a 535 grain bullet along at 2250 fps  :o

Now, I've met a few pack mules in my life, never been kicked by one but, I have been kicked by a Quarter horse or two, it's a real eye-opening experience when they land it just right  >:(

I cannot image shooting that beast of a load, it had to be invented by someone with the shoulder orthopedic replacement team, lol.
Reloading / Re: 6.5 CM load data
Looks as if IMR has a website that takes us to a Hodgdon reloading site (Hodgdon must own IMR?).

Anyway, picture below shows load data for a 140 Amax bullet, bottom right.

Reloading / Re: 1000 yard velocity
I checked my records and using a chronograph, I was seeing 2670 fps 10 ft from the muzzle with this load.  My friend gave me some of his Berger 140's to try.  I also know you can go over 42 gr with H4350 and not see any pressure issues, at least with a .020" bullet jump.

FWIW, I've pushed 41.9gr H4350 in my rifle and did note pressure signs sufficient for me to back down.

At the time I was using Starline brass which, if memory serves, was about 52g H2O case capacity, QuickLoad indicates that load was "Near Maximum" with a peak pressure of 56,498 psi. If I plug in the number for Alpha brass @autoxforfun posted, 49.5gr H2O, QL says that load is "DANGEROUS DO NOT LOAD" with a peak pressure of 63,501 psi.

I mention this only to illustrate that as we get closer to too much, it pays to understand all the variables which combine to build pressure. I think it was @Ranger 188 who said, paraphrased, "it's good to come home with all your fingers and both eyes" :).
Reloading / Re: 1000 yard velocity
Below is the Hornady 10th Edition load data for H4350 with a 140gr-class bullet, 6.5 Creedmoor, this is "what I'm used to".

Also below is the current Hodgdon load data for H4350 with a 140gr bullet, 6.5 Creedmoor, this is what I see as being "very conservative" when compared to "what I'm used to".

What I stated is just an opinion, I wouldn't say its simply untrue. Given the Hornady 10th edition load manual is several years old, I'd go with "outdated", a title I wear proudly now that I'm a retired old geezer :)
Reloading / Re: Hornady Headspace Gauge vs LE Wilson Case Gauge Micrometer reading differences.
Using a fired 6.5 Creedmoor Amax factory-loaded case, I drilled out the primer pocket and attached a #6 nut and bolt so I could get hold of the brass with a cordless screwdriver chuck.

After blacking the shoulder, I placed it in the Wilson case gage and gently spun it enough to where I could see the gaging point engraving.

Looks as if the gaging point is at, or very close to the shoulder/neck junction, not sure I'm grooving on that  :o. I'm sticking with Sinclair gage for now.