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Blackpowder Upgrade

Deer archery was my passion until I bought a T/C Hawken in .54 in 1981.  100 grains of GOEX FFg and a 430 grain Maxi-Ball.  Pretty much what I hunted with for 20 years.  Too much fun/challenge.  Started to age and things changed.  I can hit/flex and rotate. Paratrooper talk.  :))  Young, 20/15 eagle eyes of a gun pilot changed at age 44.  Good with it and almost back to that level after cataract surgery in 2016 .  The black powder siren will not turn me loose.  Carry a Knight Mountaineer in .50 that is perfectly adequate out to 200.  But, like most 6.5 junkies, I want more.  Have a CVA Paramount HTR .40 on backorder.  Centerfire level MV and downrange energy.  A legit 300 yard muzzleloader. Have a pic rail on the way from Talley and a brake from Anarchy.  After viewing reviews/videos from several sources, the magic load is 150 grains by volume of Blackhorn 209 mated with the Powerbelt 225 ELR bullet.  2740 MV.  Will install the brake because I am prudent, not a puss.  Shooting 120 grains of BH with a 300 grain bullet out of the heavy Knight.  Kinda feels like 300 WM or a 12 gauge magnum turkey load.  Add 30 grains of whup-ass to a lighter rifle, would not be pleasant.
If you have the shot, take it.