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Ammo Supplier Website Scam!

Not sure if this was already posted but better to be safe than sorry!

The following website reports to have loaded ammo in stock, Buyer Beware! 

And if that's not enough try this on for size:

It takes a complete lack of common sense to think a website sole payment options are bitcoin and bank transfers is not a scam.

Here is a little info from the BBB:

Surf (and purchase) Safely!        8)
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Re: Ammo Supplier Website Scam!

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The BBB link doesn’t want to come up for me.

Re: Ammo Supplier Website Scam!

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Yep that looks pretty bad.

Re: Ammo Supplier Website Scam!

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If its not a reputable online store i stay clear of them.. i got something from a place i hadnt never bought from a couple months ago.. cant even remember what it was now but it was gun related.. got what i ordered a couple weeks later then three days later my bank called me wanting to know if i was in California buying internet service with my debt card.. lol.. needless to say that card got shut down right then..

Re: Ammo Supplier Website Scam!

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If you know someone who has ordered from them and had no luck, tell them to contact their state attorney generals office and file a complaint. Have all order and contact info for the AG's office. They are conducting interstate business and the AG has way more resources than we do.


Re: Ammo Supplier Website Scam!

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Thanks for jogging my memory.  Have had a case of Berger 135 on back order since last January.  Showed in stock when I hit the go button and when invoice popped, out of stock, backordered, and charged my card.  Seems to be a legit company.  Will give it another month then cancel the backorder.  My CC company very good at clawing back BS charges.  Great tip about getting state AG involved.
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