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Shooting muffs

Is there any shooting muffs that work well with eye glasses? I have a pair of walker electronic ones. With my bum left hand I cannot place them squarely over my ears and my glasses get cocked sideways under my ears and do not slide back in easily.
Either the plastic material on the muff or the skin on my ears  "stick" to the bows of my eye glasses. Putting the muffs on is a real pain to do with just my right hand. I'm thinking about trying foam plugs but inserting them in both ears maybehardto do one handed.
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Re: Shooting muffs

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I have Walker over the ear electronic muffs which work well  but do interfere with my spectacles.  Simple foam plugs don’t work for me either. 

I obviously don’t know what your left hand limitation is however you may consider the Walker plug in each ear with a  cord attaching them.  They also have the advantage of electronic sound attenuation.

Another option, my wife’s favorite because you can incorporate a cowboy hat - fashion is everything - is a set of ear plugs on a single plastic band that sits on your the back of your neck.  My assumption is it would be easier to utilize using one  hand.   Not sure if this helps however may give you a starting point. 

Re: Shooting muffs

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I had a pair of fitted silicone plugs made a few years back, they work for me. I've never tried using my off hand to insert the other ear but I think I could do it. It's a simple insert-rotate operation. Excellent noise reduction and wear-all-day comfort.

I've seen them offered at gun shows and gun ranges which is where I got mine.

Re: Shooting muffs

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Just ordered the walkers earbuds hearing aid style from uncle larry.
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Re: Shooting muffs

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I have no trouble with the Peltor tac6 muffs with glasses or sunglasses, however on my rifle all ear muffs seem to get in the way for me, so I use 3m neon ear plugs as they seal real good for me.