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Ruger go wild shooters?

Just bought a Ruger go wild 6.5

Ive put about 50 of my thrown handloads down the pipe to break it in.

34gr of H380 & 140gr Nosler Competition hpbt.  They shoot well, but I know that it can do better.

Just picked up some new supplies to try out.

140gr Hornady interlocks & 1lb of H4381 sc

I’m using new Starline brass & Win Lrp’s. I also have CCI Lr & Federal Lr Mag primers.

Let me know what’s been working for your Ruger.

Tia Howard

Re: Ruger go wild shooters?

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H4831SC usually works well with this cartridge and a 140 gr bullet in rifles with 24” or longer barrels.  However, your barrel is fairly short at 22”. I would expect you would have your best results using a powder that is a little faster. Your other option is to drop bullet weight down to the 130 gr range.

The above recommendation is based on the presumption you are wanting to get your muzzle velocity north of 2700 fps and stay within a comfortable chamber pressure.