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A Crazy A**ed Old Man, Just Typing Out Loud

Numbers and stats have always been my game.  Was educated, at taxpayer expense to be a wildlife manager/researcher. Then the Big Green called in their marker.  Never looked back.  I was blessed with opportunities, schooling, both military and civilian and advancement. Made friends for life.
Back to the subject.  On a whim, started scrolling through the membership rolls.  Just dam#!  Our sewing circle has gotten pretty small.
I was a little late to the party.  January 2014.  Not a precision reloader or competitor. A hunter.  But, anal about crazy accurate rifles and one shot kills.
Kudos to txcas for holding this thing together.  I am appreciative for all the great info I have gathered over the years.  How to do a proper deep clean, action screw torque on a Savage, new/better solvents and optics.  And living vicariously as you post match results and successful hunts. Check in at least a couple of times a day unless I am on the road or on a hunt.  My life is pretty unserious from early October until late January.  Chasing tasty critters, somewhere. Expect to drive up someday to a Sheriff's sale because I forgot to pay my taxes/electric bill/phone bill, et all.  Cows don't care and neither do I.   :))
If you have the shot, take it.

Re: A Crazy A**ed Old Man, Just Typing Out Loud

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mi scusi,
Correction: et al.  The Scots-Irish Louisiana redneck was in control there for a moment.   :o
If you have the shot, take it.