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Filing Lugs

I was having a problem with the lugs on my Delta Team Tactical bolt rounding off, and thought it might be for several reasons. Then I read up and saw where filing them very lightly will take care of the wear problem. I'm using a Ballistic Advantage 24" barrel, and when I got it I noticed how super sharp the inside edges where it contacts the bolt were. Three hundred rounds, and the bolt is very worn. Anyone else have success with light filing? I have done it before on AR's but not AR1''s. I figured it works well, but wanted some feedback because the barrel was expensive. And I just got a JP high pressure bolt, and wanted to keep it intact as well. Figure, better fire another 300 rounds with the old bolt just to make the lugs on the barrel extention wear down a bit? Input appreciated. And the loads are well within published range, so they're not hot at all. 42 grain 4350, 145 gr. match burners.

Re: Filing Lugs

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What kind of lube are you using on your lugs?

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Well, I use Go Juice on the lugs, pretty freely too. I have noticed that after another few hundred rounds, they have worn a little more and I think will be okay with the new bolt. Ballistic Advantage just let it leave the factory with the edges too too sharp I believe was the problem.