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Savage 110 Ultra Lite

My young lease partner Kodi bought one in 6.5 PRC a couple of weeks ago.  Broke it in with factory ELD-M.  Sent me a picture yesterday.  Five rounds of ELD-X at 100 in one ragged hole.  6.5 everything poor, but if they made the 280 AI in a lefty, I might jump.
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Re: Savage 110 Ultra Lite

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Thank you Denver Steve.  My jets got cooled when a watched a video review this morning.  6.5 PRC.  Rifle shot great, especially with 140 Berger handloads.  Significant scarring all around the case neck.  Young reviewer did addendum at end of video.  ELD-X would not allow bolt to close.  Shipped it back to Savage.  They fessed up that chamber had been cut with worn out reamer.  Proof, not Savage reamed  it.   WTF?  Correct me if I am misguided, but I thought major firearms companies had surly old men and little old ladies in tennis shoes doing quality control.  Somebody at Proof or Savage should have caught that booger.  I will pass on the 110 Ultralight.
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If you have the shot, take it.