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What are your most useful tools

My two most useful shooting/reloading/ gunsmithing tools are my magnetospeed chronograph and my Teslong bore camera. Now add in my wheeler engineering action wrench, barrel vise and "fat" wrench. Various other important tools are a couple of barrel nut wrenches and a 12" adjustable wrench ( crescent)
Peterson vise grips, 6 inch bench vise, a couple of 50-60 year old Herters reloading presses assorted screwdrivers, combination wrenches and a bfn
A couple of electric hand drills and an angle grinder.
All these tools get used often if not every day and are important to most activities that concern firearms & shooting.
Oops, forgot to mention the dremmel rotary tool.
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Re: What are your most useful tools

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Ha Ha Randy you are right. Seems like they are all essential. My favorite at any point in time is the one I happen to be using at that point in time. And my most coveted is the one I think I really need and don’t have. 😊

In the auto mechanic world you often hear them say, “he who has the most tools is King!” 

I have a retired friend who has a 3000 sq ft metal building full of  bench equipment. He is a pretty decent machinist with a couple lathes, a Bridgeport mill, precision grinders, etc. His favorite project is to make a tool, to make a tool, to make a final tool that will work better than any other tool he already has. He is a bit of a mad scientist and it is a real kick to watch his inventiveness in action.

Re: What are your most useful tools

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I think my most useful tool is Excel.  Without it I would have data scattered across a million pieces of paper, and most of them would be lost.