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Double shout out

After my magneto speed failure, I contacted tech support at magneto speed via email.
My problems are not repairable by me as the bayonets are permanently sealed.
They are honoring their two year warrantee by requesting a proof of purchase and a shipping address.coming up with proof of purchase brings on a second shout out to Midway USA customer service. They emailed a off of the invoice dated 8/10/18!
The proof of purchase document that MS requested was the part that I thought there is no way I will have this information.
A big thanks to both companies for saving my sorry butt. I used the magneto speed almost every week since I bought it two years ago. Many nights I walked out the garage door well after dark in any kind of weather and fired a round or two across it to record velocity of a new load because of both my curiosity and my impatiencel
Very happy with the treatment from.both outfits. Actually put a smile on my face and took away the frown left by the mag speed failure
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Re: Double shout out

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Glad their taking care of ya randy.. when mine gives up i wont hesitate to buy another one..


Re: Double shout out

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Arrived today, they shipped it ups next day!
Only after i requested a tracking number and mentioned itsvimporyance to me.
Will find out tomorrow how good of a reloaded I am.
I've got 2 6.5 creeds to try and a .243 I just put together and my 6.5-06.
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