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Showing the 284 some love..

Shot my straight 284 some this evening.. hadn't shot it in several months.. mainly to save on components for it.. but today i got a 500 count box of the 184 f open hybrids inbound for it.. so decided to shoot it a few times.. i built this gun and developed the load for it in one weekend.. lol.. dont think i have changed the load at all.. still shooting pretty good.. my 250 yard group has a little horizontal stringing to it.. not sure if that was me or the load or the 7 or 8 mph wind we have this evening.. will shoot it a few more times before i change the load any.. the 5 shot 100 yard group looks good..

Re: Showing the 284 some love..

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It's nice to give all the toys some time in the sun.  I shot my 6mm Grendel on Monday just to verify that it still shot as good as I remember......and it did :).   Just fun to spend time behind the rifle.
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