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Rifle Prep and Safe Thinning

Posted earlier about my 6.5 PRC break in and zero. That one is ready.
Got on a science project I have neglected.  Left hand Win 70 Featherweight in 7 WSM. Got off a used rack several years ago.  Thought I had a gem. Outward appearance flawless, walnut and steel.
Tore into with a deep clean yesterday.  Bolt release spring weak. Magazine spring weak.  Shot this morning. 3" groups.  140 BT loaded by Federal.  Everything shoots BT's.  Thought maybe it was my rifle driving.  How in the he** the previous owner wore this stick out without a ding is beyond me.  Asked repeatedly about why it was traded.  Old man said "It kicked too hard."  Once burnt, twice learnt.

Pulled out my freshly cleaned 6.5 CM X-Bolt.  Had never tried 130 Swift or 130 Berger VLD-H in this one.  Both shot 1/4" ragged holes.  POI was a little different. Will go with the Berger's but know it likes the Swift's also.

Bottom Line:  Will have a Teslong borescope in my hands in a few days.  Twice shy about used rifles after this experience.
The Model 70 is proudly displayed on the used rack at Blade and Barrel in Jena, LA.
If you have the shot, take it.

Re: Rifle Prep and Safe Thinning

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More thoughts about today.  The 7 WSM had some zing to it.  Not recoil shy, but why endure the fire and fury when the PRC and CM are not nearly as evil tempered.  Love all things 7mm.  Has been good to me. Need to have a accurate 7-08 and 7 Rem Mag in the corner.  Will focus now on my old 700, 7 Mag.  Will clean it up and install a Trigger Tech.  Vintage 1990 and has never failed me. Probably less than 100 rounds through it. Loves 150 Swift Scirocco's.
If you have the shot, take it.