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Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC On the Way

They completed my rifle yesterday.  They have the FFL info.  Asked for and received break-in procedure and action screw torque.  Stick comes with a 20 MOA rail installed.  I have the glass and rings in hand.  Had planned to hunt whitetails on my home ground in LA and TN this year.  My lovely wife bought me a management hunt in south Texas second week of October as anniversary gift.  Will be on the road a lot starting tomorrow.  Will break it in and fine tune with factory ELD-X.  Will brew up a load when things settle down. 
If you have the shot, take it.

Re: Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC On the Way

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I know you have waited for that longer that anyone should have but you will be happy with the rifle they built you.. I'm sure it wont take you to long to figure out a good enough load to use it for hunting this year- And remember there are a lot of good folks on here than can help get you somewhere FPS wise that most prc's enjoy. Like the old 6.5 creedmoor 2730 FPS seems to be a fairly consistent accuracy node in quite a few rifle..

Cant wait to see a photo of that beauty and some 1-hole groups from you in the near future!!

Re: Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC On the Way

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Picked up the rifle yesterday. The APR  boys did a great job.  Will scope it and start break-in this week.  If it shoots tight, will be my primary for whitetails and feral hogs this season.  If it is a dog, will send it on down the road and pick up one of  my trusty Creedmoors.  I am optimistic because of the APR owner testimonials and the quality of this build.
If you have the shot, take it.

Re: Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC On the Way

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Its a heck of a round Wayne.. lots of horsepower to push them heavy 6.5 bullets.. and plenty accurate..