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Barrel Stub Gauge

When I ordered the 6mm Dasher barrels from SPR, they offered me a stub gauge.   Since the barrel length was being cut from 31" to 28" finished length, they took the small piece of barrel and then ran the reamer to create a copy of the chamber.  It doesn't have a full chamber but rather from the shoulder out to the throat.  At first, I wasn't sure what I would do with it.  They said that it was a good way to compare throat erosion since you will have a constant base line to compare against.  Well, I must say, I have found this a very useful tool.  Some things I've used it for:

1) Since it is useful to measure erosion, then it must be good to measure distance to the lands.  This makes using the Hornady gauge a piece of cake.  Makes the process much easier.
2) Since you can get to the  neck, measuring the chamber neck diameter is directly doable.
3) Made finding the max neck length easy

For the cost ($40.00), well worth it.  
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Re: Barrel Stub Gauge

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It would be nice if every custom barrel came with one of those..

Re: Barrel Stub Gauge

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They do. If you want to pay for it! 🙄

Re: Barrel Stub Gauge

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Would rather they just throw it in out of the goodness of their heart... 😏