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GeoBallistics App and Nerd Charts to replace a Kestrel

BLUF: I was being cheap, and i built this chart because i refused to spend $500 bucks on a Kestrel.

The first page explains how to use the chart. These are the 3 things that I always needed to get from Kestrel owners when i was at a match. The 3 things are nothing more than mathematical equations that i built using excel. The PDF is built so that Pages 3 & 4 can be printed double sided. Page 5 is designed to be printed single sided and folded / ripped up for whatever size target you have and then clipped to your Data board on your gun.

The three things that this file does is:
1) Determine the speed of a moving target
2) Determines the lead to the CENTER of the moving target (little bit of math required if you want to use the leading edge)
3) Based on the target size, gives values for Unknown distances stages.

Calculations are all included. The speed is worked for 2875-2950. There is very little variation due the times that we are talking about.