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Mack Bros EVO SS action $575 (Remington footprint)

Anyone use one of these actions?  I see a few on another forum have it. But just wondering if anyone knows if the Action's tenon threads are tight enough tolerance for off the shelf shouldered pre-fit barrels. 

Similar to many of recent actions, ie, TL3, Origin, Impact, Zeus, Nucleus, Mausingfield, Archimedes, etc...

Although, i don't see any Gun Smith shops offering shouldered pre-fit bbls for this is pretty new.

From what i understand, it now comes with an updated bolt with shorter lugs to be able to accept Remage bbl setup. Prior to that, the easiest way would be to take off ~0.010" off the barrel breach area (not sure which exact location, because of recessed/counterbore)

Re: Mack Bros EVO SS action $575 (Remington footprint)

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Nmind I bought an Impact action instead 😁

Re: Mack Bros EVO SS action $575 (Remington footprint)

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Thats a good one for sure.. 👍

Re: Mack Bros EVO SS action $575 (Remington footprint)

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Thanks @gman47564 !
I actually got it with the AW cut. Was worried there might be bolt binding if I use AICS mags. AICS mags can "rock" up, rearward and cause bolt to bind when feeding (with AW magwells). This was my exp with AW_magwell+AICS_mags+KRG Chassis.

This build uses a MDT ACC and it's magwell mitigates this issue well. YMMV.

As for the EVO action, I'm sure Mac Bros is very busy and I have not gotten a reply. From researching around, seems they recommend barrel nut setups.  Possibly tolerance not tight enough for Shouldered Pre-Fit barrels?

Any way, I enjoy many things mechanical in nature and have a few diff actions to play with.