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Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Defense of lower cost rifle scopes (Centerfire)
 Most of the time I would be more than happy with a wide fov fixed 3 power with a lighted dot reticle with a few elevation dots or bars or something. That absolutely , positively COULD NOT and WOULD NOT MOVE FROM ZERO. 
  Regardless of what happened to it. The dot would ALWAYS REMAIN WHERE I SET IT  !!!
 I would pay good money for a scope like that.
  And beins I have a rifle with me when I'm out and about. In the winter . In Interior Alaska . Where it will have to do that even at 50 below zero. After mishaps that may be somewhat sever.
  I don't know what scope to get. But I need to get one. And I can't stand the thot of it  going crook !
Hunting / Re: Opening day
Opening day of gun season here in indiana this morning.. i hope everyone has good luck and stays safe.. a few short years ago it was a big deal for me and my boy.. we hunted alot in bow season and if we hadnt had any luck we were well prepared for opening morning of gun season.. and we both usually filled are tags.. up bright and early and in our stands at least a hour before daylight broke.. was great for me to teach my boy how to hunt .. how to be patient and alert.. we actually killed more deer in bow season than we did in gun season.. we put meat in the freezer with our bows and when the guns came out we were mainly after wall hangers.. it was alot of fun and something i enjoyed very much with him.. then he grew up.. lol.. ventured off on his own hunts.. and that was good as well.. i would hunt by myself.. and still loved the hunt.. then a couple years ago i missed the buck of a lifetime for our area..  i just knew i had killed a monster when i pulled the trigger and heard that unmistakable sound of thwack.. but no deer.. no blood.. no hair.. no nothing.. a chip shot at about a 150 yards.. and somehow i missed.. that did something to me.. that was the last time i went deer hunting.. i lost the desire to chase the elusive white tail.. i never went hunting at all last year and this morning i was up well before daylight.. but no desire to go to the woods.. not sure why that is to be honest.. maybe that will change in the future and maybe it wont.. i dont know..

 Sometimes we miss. It happens.
 It Really Sucks when a person Needs the meat. It's worse than getting skunked sometimes.
 And getting horned in on sucks also. I had to get good at my longer ( than I used to) shooting because where I caribou hunt , at times there are lots of dummy's that can't hit squat if it's more than 100 yards away. So the 300 to 400 yard shots with my Creed became what I did.
 Improvise , adapt and overcome.
 No doubt it will be different. But it can still be Great.
Hunting / Re: Ruger go wild 6.5
 There are lots of powders that work very well in the Creed. Rl 17 works great. Imr and Accurate 4350 work Great. For light bullets , 120 gr and lighter , Varget is good.
 What will you be shooting in it for bullets and will you be mostly hunting , or target shooting with it ?
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
I wonder how a 416/ 6.5 PRC would preform velocity wise with a 300 gr TSX bullet . From a 16.5 " barrel.
 That would be handy
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
Muzzle brake !
 The 375 Ruger Guide Gun with the muzzle brake on it was very easy shooting. Comparitivly speaking.
  As soon as I've spent another 10 grand on the house. Maybe I'll have enough for another rifle. But only after I get another couple bricks of large rifle magnum primers.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
Need to move to Canada. Quite a few Ruger m77's in most variants are available. Way cheaper for the left hand version though and way easier to find the left hand for some reason. Old stock I guess.

 There are lots of left hand 375 Ruger's available on GB and other sites.
 If this craziness would stop, Ruger could go back to making sporting rifles instead or every form of high cap sprayer ever thot up.
 It's a sad commentary that for the masses they need a long range basically , Target rifle to hit anything even at 200 yards.
 Anything under 400 as far as game shooting is the realm of normal , halfway accurate hunting rifles.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
Those things sound painful.  I have been shooting my Muzzleloader the last two days. Miss the little 6.5 recoil....or lack of.
250 grain SST's @ 2044fps.
One of those Guide guns or a big lever would be fun though.

  For some strange reason, Ruger attached tthe Guide Gun name to what they should have called the guide Rifle. 20" barreled M77 Mk 2 Hawkeye with laminate , adjustable lop stock with banded sling eye on the barrel, express sights and a muzzle brake or weight or thread protector.
 They really are a great rifle that is almost short enough.
 I don't regret trading the one I had for the 416 Remington built on a rebored 375 H&H , Interarms Whitworth Express and brush nickle plated. I Really like that rifle. But it has a 25+" barrel with the muzzle brake on it. And is peep sighted.
 It is a brown bear rifle !
 What I'm after now is a knock about large game Carbine. Similar to a Ruger Gunsight Scout . But in a serious cartridge.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
Speer shows Rl 16 giving over 3,000 fps with a 270 gr bullet.
 That is with a 24" barrel, But that is still almost stupid fast. Even if it lost 45 fps per inch, that would still produce 2640 fps from a 16" barrel. With a 270 gr bullet, that's really good.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
 I'm going back and forth in my mind on which way to go.
 Since shortness of barrel is a priority.  I have been thinking about getting a 375 Ruger and chopping it down. Have an inch long muzzle brake put on and a 1 to 4 scope. And a Ching Sling.
 It may be overkill for some thing's. But I could probably get 2700 fps from a 250 gr TTSX bullet. Which would do nicely.
 As I already have dies and brass and ammo. That would be a savings .