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AR Variants / Aero precision m5e1
Im thinking about getting one of these chambered in 6.5 creedmoor.. 22" pipe..
Is there any concerns i should have about fit and finish or accuracy. Feeding issues..of a m5e1. Looking at getting a complete upper and lower from aero precision . All the reviews ive seen have been positive.. any input is welcomed..
Hunting / Opening day
Opening day of gun season here in indiana this morning.. i hope everyone has good luck and stays safe.. a few short years ago it was a big deal for me and my boy.. we hunted alot in bow season and if we hadnt had any luck we were well prepared for opening morning of gun season.. and we both usually filled are tags.. up bright and early and in our stands at least a hour before daylight broke.. was great for me to teach my boy how to hunt .. how to be patient and alert.. we actually killed more deer in bow season than we did in gun season.. we put meat in the freezer with our bows and when the guns came out we were mainly after wall hangers.. it was alot of fun and something i enjoyed very much with him.. then he grew up.. lol.. ventured off on his own hunts.. and that was good as well.. i would hunt by myself.. and still loved the hunt.. then a couple years ago i missed the buck of a lifetime for our area..  i just knew i had killed a monster when i pulled the trigger and heard that unmistakable sound of thwack.. but no deer.. no blood.. no hair.. no nothing.. a chip shot at about a 150 yards.. and somehow i missed.. that did something to me.. that was the last time i went deer hunting.. i lost the desire to chase the elusive white tail.. i never went hunting at all last year and this morning i was up well before daylight.. but no desire to go to the woods.. not sure why that is to be honest.. maybe that will change in the future and maybe it wont.. i dont know..
Bolt Action Rifles / Showing the 284 some love..
Shot my straight 284 some this evening.. hadn't shot it in several months.. mainly to save on components for it.. but today i got a 500 count box of the 184 f open hybrids inbound for it.. so decided to shoot it a few times.. i built this gun and developed the load for it in one weekend.. lol.. dont think i have changed the load at all.. still shooting pretty good.. my 250 yard group has a little horizontal stringing to it.. not sure if that was me or the load or the 7 or 8 mph wind we have this evening.. will shoot it a few more times before i change the load any.. the 5 shot 100 yard group looks good..
Gunsmithing / Savage bolts
With not being able to do a whole lot yet i thought i would tinker around with the bolt in my prc.. its not bad by any stretch but like most savages its not buttery smooth either.. so i pull the bolt and strip it down and start looking everything over in it that moves.. first thing i noticed was the rear baffle.. on the inside of it where it slides over the body and down on the bottom where the hole meets the bottom of the baffle it comes to a point on each side.. got to feeling around on these points and their rough.. so i took a stone and rubed around on them and then took a polishing felt on a dremel and polished them.. next was the cocking ramp.. i polished it as well with the felt.. then i noticed the cocking sleve on the firing pin was gritty feeling so cleaned it and took the felt and polished the sleve inside and out. Same with where it slides over the firing pin.. polished that a little also.. then with a drop of lucas gun oil on the sleve and inside the baffle  i put it all back together.. could feel  a very noticeable difference when lifting the bolt in the gun. So much so i did 3 other bolts .. still got a few more to do but thought i would share what i did.. definitely an improvement..
Bolt Action Rifles / Disappointed in the 6.5 prc
Well it appears i have toasted another 6.5 prc barrel in around 600 roundsā˜¹.  This one i didn't push very hard.. low 2900's its down in the low 2800's now with poor accuracy.. im in the process of stripping the barrel back to bare metal but got a feeling its not going to help this one.. but worth the effort to see.. i have a new one to screw on it that shilen sent me to replace the first one i toasted.. one thing i wont do with this new barrel is use rl26 in it.. thinking its a barrel killer in the prc.. i will work up a load with rl 23 in the new pipe if i have to screw it on.. once its done im getting out of the prc business.. lol.. i dont mind barrel burners but 600 rounds is a little extreme in my book.. for a hunting rig that gets shot a few times a year it would be a killing machine.. but for target work I'll pass.. just my opinion and experience with the touted 6.5prc..
Reloading / How old you reckon these are?
Well im down to 700 br4's .. how old you reckon these are and do you think they will go bang !!. Sure hope so.. kinda funny now days they come in a flat 3 times as big as they use to..
General Discussion / I'll be damn!!!
Probably shot the best 3 shot group i ever shot this morning.. the rifle is a savage stealth evolution with a shilen select match 26 inch barrel that has over a 1000 rounds down it.. got real aggressive with cleaning it with jb bore paste awhile back to get the bore back to bare metal.. and its shot as well after that as it ever did and its always impressed me.. been shooting berger 105 hybrids in it for most of its life and have a couple hundred loaded for it but thats all i had.. my friend ranger188 turned me on to about 50 a few days ago. They measured out the same as my others so its a plug in and play deal.. so i loaded 20 of them this morning and took them out and shot them.. my barrel was clean per a normal cleaning and the first five didnt shoot that well at a hundred but not bad eithe.. i then shot some 3 shot groups at a hundred yards.. my first group was under half inch. My second was all touching. And this pic is of my 3rd 3 shot group at a hundred yards.. maybe the best 3 i ever laid in there.. i then shot 3 at 250 yards.. looking through the scope it looks like their stacked on top of each other on a 2 inch plate.. havnt went back there to look yet.. pretty pleased with how the 6mm creedmoor is shooting..  :D
General Discussion / Affects of a muzzle brake
I got my savage target action criterion barreled orxy chassied 6.5 creedmoor out this morning.. my first 5 shot group including the cold bore shot all made a nice ragged hole.. (1st pic) my next 5 shot group had the first 4 in a tighter ragged hole but the fifth one went about 3/4 inch high.. what the heck. Didnt think i pulled it but may have. So i sent another one at the group. Again high.. (2nd pic) so i start another group and its high and horrible.. (3rd pic) 4th group just as bad.. (4th pic).at this point im scratching my head thinking maybe it needs cleaned.. so i get up and start to grab the gun and notice my jet blast brake is turned a 1/4 of a turn.. (5th pic) thinking that cant be good.. so i take it to my building and get my brake back where it belongs and tighten back up.. go back out and shoot a couple more groups.. shes back to shooting where it should be.. more groups in the pics after fixing the brake and a 4 shot group at 250 yards on a 2 inch plate.. the other groups are at a 100 yards
Bolt Action Rifles / Resurrecting the dead
Bringing one back from the dead.. the stick in question a browning abolt 3 6.5 creedmoor.. had this gun for several years now and pretty much gave up on it a couple years ago.. thinking the barrel was toast on it.. went from half minute gun with hand loads to a two minute gun.. tinkered around with it this spring a little trying to get it to shoot again without much luck so its set in the corner since.. being kinda bored with my other guns.. their shooting pretty well. Being bored is usually pretty dangerous for me as as it normally ends with me bulding a new stick.. lol.. but this morning I see the browning laying against the wall in the corner.. give it one more chance im thinking.. so i put it in the gun vice and pull the bolt.. soak the bore with kroil for awhile and go to town on it aggressively with a bronze brush and jb bore paste.. the black crud started coming out.. kept after it for awhile.. well till the black crap stoped coming out.. didnt even look in it with the bore scope. (Afraid too) lol. Anyway cleaned the bore all out and dried the chamber up.. and took some 120 amaxes and 143 eldx rounds to the bench and went to shooting it.. well the old rifle is shooting ok again.. 3/4 inch group at a 100 with the 143 eldx.. and easily hitting a 4 inch plate at 250.. good enough for what im wanting to do with the gun which is throw it in my mini truck to have something with a little more horsepower than a 22lr.. might see something out cruising back roads that needs killin.. 😁
Bolt Action Rifles / Playing with my 6.5x284
Been shooting that dasher for the last few weeks and getting low on 6mm components i decided to shoot my 6.5x284 some today.. this rifle has shot well since i built it.. today was no exception.. didnt really shoot much for groups but rather just having fun shooting at steel plates at 250 yards.. was shooting a 2 inch plate with ease then shot a gopher plate in the head a few times.. its about a inch and a half target.. then i had a chain hanging there that had a nut welded on the bottom link which i shot off there the other day with my dasher.. what was left was the weld in the bottom of the link.. about a 3/4 inch target. I sent one at it and it ripped the chain off the hook it was hanging on.. i went down there and finally found the chain and had blew the weld out of the link.. lol this rifle has over a 1000 rounds down it and still hammering everything i point it at.. 😎
General Discussion / Got me a new rig..
Got me a new hunting rig.. been wanting a side by side or something like that  and came across this from a buddy of mine.. a deal i couldnt pass up.. got a few little things to fix up on it but its pretty cool.. 😁
General Discussion / Did you shoot today?
If so what did you shoot today?

Seen this on another forum.. thought i would start one here.. post what you shot today if you did any shooting.. and post any day you shoot if you want.. pic's are nice but not necessary..

For me i shot my savage stealth evolution today.. sent about 35 rounds down range at a 100 and 250 yards.. cant see my 300 or 430 yard targets do to the corn getting too tall.. the guns off tune just a little do to the aggressive cleaning i gave it here awhile back.. i think i need to go back to my original load.. will find out tomorrow as i loaded 10 rounds for it this evening..
General Discussion / Happy fathers day to me.. lol
I dont buy much for myself other than gun stuff and stuff that i need.. 😁 well here awhile back i was eating lunch in a little dinner and the guy cooking was doing it right behind the counter.. and was cooking everything on a big flat top grill.. he had that thing loaded down with food he was cooking.. i thought dang i would like to have something like that to cook on.. got to looking around on the ole interweb and flat top griddles are all over it.. so then i had to do some research on which one i should get.. watched several videos on guys cooking on them and decided to get a 36 inch royal gourmet flat top griddle.. and did.. it came today.. setting at the corner of my house.. usually stuff gets left on my front porch.. but this box is heavy.. about a 140 pounds.. i was worried about it being damaged during shipping but the box was in good shape.. i get a 2 wheel dolly and take it to the garage and put it together.. pretty easy task and went well.. its built great and i forsee many years of good eating coming off of it.. first meal will be breakfast saturday morning.. bacon. Eggs over easy. Hash browns.. pancakes and sausage.   :D

I dont get excited about much other than guns but im all smiles with this purchase..
Reloading / Doughnuts in the necks
What is the best approach to removing doughnuts in the necks?
While loading some lapua 6.5x284 cases i can feel a hard spot as i seat the bullet at the neck shoulder junction.. in the past i have dealt with this with a Forster inside neck reamer. Now with the ability to turn necks with a 21'st century lathe im wanting to tackle this problem from the outside of the necks.. my question is will my expander mandrel push all of that doughnut to the outside. ? Or should i go at it in two steps. As in pushing it to the outside and turning it off then resizing the neck. Use the expander on it again and turning it off a second time.. any advice is appreciated
General Discussion / Memorial day
Hope everyone has a safe and happy memorial day.  Thinking of the ones we've  lost today.. God Bless them all !! 🇺🇸