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AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
That's great Grant, 40.4 of RL-17, 41.3 of RL-16 and 44 of Superformance ( all loaded to 'mag length' -2.80"/2.81") and that bullet will give you the same results.   So you have powder options.  :)      And all pushing around 2700-ish. 
Reloading / Re: Need to Purchase Powder for 6.5
What Huf said- and also  look into Hodgdon Superformance , Alliant's RL-16 and 17, for three more.    There is a good accuracy node with several bullets in the 140s weight class at 2700 +/- fps.  That MV has not caused me, or others any pressure concerns and won't turn your cartridge into a plasma cutter.  :)
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
thoroughly enjoyed following this thread on your build Gman.  I have a Rock River Arms in 6.5CM and your rifle looks a lot like mine.  Magpul buttstock, stainless bbl , I've Razor Gen 1 and love its reticle on mine, along with Atlas bipod.   Mine shoots 1 MOA as advertize right out of the box.   It shoots Hornady's 140gn HPBTs , Sierra's 142 SMK (& tighter than their 140) all well under 1 MOA and just loaded to 'mag length' (2.80" & 2.81")  41 grains of H4350 yields 2696 fps out of the 24" bbl.  I use RL's16 /17, Superformance and 'jumps' run between 40-50 thousandths.  

You are going to have fun with this.  Easy to load for and shoots good.  Hard on brass though. I use Hornady.  I envy you your Century Lathe, if I turned brass that is what I would look to.  Sounds like you have it gassed right.  Its cycling.   Anyway, I am sure I did not write anything here you did not already know. 

My shooting buddy wants to buy my rifle.  I'm not anxious to sell it and he has not shot me a price.   But, I've proposed he just builds one and using most of the components you have used.   Enjoying reading this thread, lg

Quick Edit:  One thing, the brass catcher is, IMO, a good idea.   As you probably know they make two kinds.  One that mounts to the pic rail and one that mounts using Velcro.  My pic rail ends at the receiver.  So, I had to go with the Velcro choice.   It works but after a few rounds the recoil displaces its position.  If you can , go with the pic rail mount choice.  2centsworth, lg
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 284 Win question
Thank you Boltman for your comment and view and time.  All you write is also all I have heard.  & what lured me to this idea.    I am  not sure what age has to do with sticking with the 6.5CM but, in my case,  I am in my 7th decade now and the reason I like my 6.5s is their lack of comparative recoil.  & the added recoil is  a reservation I have with my '284 idea'. 

Also, I don't remember reading a lot about muzzle velocities.  Part of my thinking with this idea is to push a heavier bullet (180/184 Berger Hybrid Targets) and at a faster MV than I shoot my 6.5s at (2700-ish).  Because I think it will help when the wind blows.  OTOH will that generate enough recoil to cause me to flinch.  A tendency I have and work at managing it. 

I suppose these things lead me to ask around about this idea here.  I get pretty good answers, suggestions, advice and thoughts here.  Even just lurking and reading I have learned a lot.  Thank you again, lg.  
Reloading / Re: Use Brass in Stock
He is a good guy.  A number of years ago, I sold him my 1xF Federal 45 ACP brass.  I didn't and don't reload my pistol ammunition.   I lived in the same town as he in South Dakota.    He runs a legitimate business.  lg
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 284 Win question
Thank you Grant.  28" was what I had in mind and (if I live long enuf have it suppressed :) )  1:8" , 1:8.5" were in my head.  & 1.25, 1.2 inches at the breech end tapering to 1" at the muzzle was also in my head. 

Hey JVW, thanx for your input.  Yes, it is an expensive gun.  I bought it, used on Sniper's Hide,  intending to re-stock and rebarrel to 6.5CM but when I got it I quickly changed my mind.  It was too much gun- McMillan stock, bedded, etc to do anything to.  So decided to keep it a while , shoot it, and bought the dies and such to reload for it.  It shoots 155s Hornady ELD-Ms over RL-15 and IMR 8208 XBR powders real well at around 2850 MV.   I am very happy with it 'as is'.

I've another FN (PBR) action that my nephew used along with a chunk of curley maple and a Kreiger bbl to build me a 6.5.  And did think about just building out a 284 from scratch.  But,   I am not sure I want to go through the wait time to have another custom built.   

I started reading and seeing the 284 and got pregnant with the idea of having one.  And am not shooting the 308 much.  I shoot with an  army buddy who has a Remington that Lester Bruno barrelled and trued up, so I can shoot his 308 if I feel the urge.

So,  I decided to ask around and get some opinions and thoughts on this before I give birth to this idea.  Asking here is a good place to start.  Appreciate the views, Grant and JVW.  lg
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
Put that TT Diamond in my Rock River Arms gas gun (6.5CM) last year.   Fantastic improvement and worth the $$.   Plus it is the only trigger that I know of made, for an AR-10 platform, with the 1.5 #-ish  pull.   IMO, great choice.
Gunsmithing / Re: Black Walnut BR Stock
"I'm going to experiment with the wood approach and see what I get.   "  autoxforfun, did you figure this out yet?  What liquid to use to mix with the wood's saw/sanding dust?   If not, I can ask my nephew who is a gunsmith and wood worker.  lg
Bolt Action Rifles / 284 Win question
Hello All,

I have an FN SPR rifle chambered in 308.  The action is factory bedded into a McMillan A1 stock. I have been thinking about getting it re-barrelled and chambered in 284 Winchester.   I have a question for those of you who shoot this caliber.  What barrel contour, twist rate and length  would you recommend?  I am planning on using Berger's 180 grain Hybrid Targets. 

I am just a recreational shooter and I am a member of a club/range where we can shoot, from a bench, out to just past 1000.  I've been reading a bit and about the 284 Win and seems like many competitors shooting this distance are shooting/using 284 Wins.

Thanx and happy Thanksgiving, lg
Reloading / Re: Bullet opinion
Do y’all find that you like the SMK140 or the hornady 140bthp. Pretty similar bullets.

I have no experience with the SMk, but just measure base to Ogive on 400 of the hornady and had a .005” variation across the whole lot. 90% within .001.
  I tried that bullet when I first started loading and for my 6.5 CM looking for bullets my rifle liked.  Both the Hornady 140 ELD-Ms and Hornady's 140 HPBT performed better.   And the Sierra 142 SMK performed much better than the Sierra 140 SMK.  I'd buy the 142 SMK again when I can find them.   That said, of the three bullets mentioned that shoot good for me, I'm mostly using the Hornadys.  Reason- cost less. 
Reloading / Re: Die Sets 6.5 Semi-Auto Creedmoor
I own a semi-auto in 6.5.  I use RCBS standard dies.  As Gman and Huf mentioned, use the full length sizing die and 'bump' the shoulders.  I'm at 3 thousandths bump. I first measured a fired piece of brass. Then I adjusted the die down until it touched the shell holder/per instructions.  Then sized a piece of brass and measured that.  That did not gain me any 'bump'.  So, then I turned the die down a 'hair' and sized and measured another piece.  I repeated this process until I had a 3 thousandths reduction from the first and fired piece's measurement.   

I read that 2 to 4 thousandths was reco for semi-auto.  So, picked the middle number.  Never have had a problem with feeding.  Rifle cycles as it should.

This link should be helpful: 
Reloading / Re: Finally Got Access To A Chrono
Agree with all comments here, and Gman 'splained the Sporter the best.  I owned both.   Started with the MS Sporter but was always intrigued with the LabRadar.  A year or so later, I bought the LR.  It took a bit of a learning curve to get onto it, but I am happy to own it.   But now I had two chronos.  I could have sold the MS Sporter but my main shooting partner did not have a chrono, so I gave  my MS Sporter to him.   Good move.  It is a very compact unit, and quick to deploy and he brings in along each time we shoot.  

Nice to have a chrono along all the time for when things 'get funny' out shooting.  So, my reco is get the Sporter, cause it will do the job and it will get you going.   You don't 'need' anything else.  Later if you want to spend the money go on and get the LR.  Nice thing about LR to me is, I can get both MVs and Groups firing the same rounds.    Both chronos are good 'kit'.  lg
Reloading / Re: Is 2570 FPS Fast Enough for 6.5 CM?
I shoot an RPR 24" bbl and reload four different bullets in the 140 weight class with four different powders.   All t mag length.  All these run muzzle velocities, per LabRadar around 2700-'ish'.   No trouble , other than my marksmanship, out to 1000 yards.    On a 3-5 mph full value (cross) wind Strelok solution is 0.02 mil in windage. 

I'm using 41 gns of H4350 and right at 2700 fps.  If you are getting that with 40 gns you got a fast barrel  :) 

Anyway, with MV of around 2700 and out to 1K, IMO you are good to go.   lg