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AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
I shot this a few times this afternoon at 300 and 430 yards.. it shot pretty good i thought.. between 1/2 and 3/4 moa.. being as i was outside on my platform shooting i used my caldwell brass catcher and after shooting 5 or 6 i looked in the bag and only seen one case.. the others had stuck to the top part of the bag where they had melted the nylon bag when they came out of the gun.. they were hanging in there by the necks .. lol.. didnt burn any holes in it but they was hot enough to melt that nylon enough to get them to stick.. all in all im very happy with how the rifle is doing.. recoil is minimal.. cycling well.. shooting good.. brass isnt all beat up.. exactly what i was after.. 😁
Gunsmithing / Re: Ordered a lathe
Nice looking machine bob.. glad you got it off there without any problems.. was wondering earlier how it was going..
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
Wayne that is something I noticed about this one .. can send ten or 15 rounds down it pretty quick and the barrel is just luke warm. I guess all them hot gasses going back into the gas system.. i also noticed the brass comes out of the thing hot as hell.. burn you hot.. lol
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
If i can maintain this i will be super happy.. 100 yards.. 3 shots.. 41 gr of h4350. (Gave up on 4451. Lol) 140 hornady bthp.. wind 8mph from 8 oclock.. brass looks good here and cycling as it should..
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
Thanks for the info on the brass catcher that hooks to the rail.. will look into that.. for now im shooting it out of my building so brass flying isnt a big deal.. got a couple pmags yesterday and with them the gun runs perfect.. now to get a decent load for it.. got about a 100 rounds down the barrel and moa is about as good as I've got so far..
Gunsmithing / Re: Ordered a lathe
Just be careful bob.. i see on the paper work on the front it says its top heavy.  I might be inclined to get the trailer up to the garage. Unhook the truck then take the cherry picker and pick the front of the trailer up till the back of it was on the ground.. then slide it off onto the garage floor.. keep it tied down while raising the trailer.. just a thought.. im sure you have a plan in place.. i just know heavy things can get away from a guy in a hurry..
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
Little update on this.. i shot about 40 rounds through it this morning.. 140 gr sierra bthp on top of imr4451.. mainly just breaking it in.. having some feeding problems that im pretty sure is magazine related.. should have some better ones tomorrow.. loaded a random load of 41.5 gr. For this breakin and the gun is shooting around 1 moa.. hopefully it will do better with a load built for it.. loaded a 10 shot velocity ladder for it tonight with 140 hornady bthp and imr 4451. Will see what they do in the morning.. sure hope i can get this combo down to 3/4 moa.. if i can I'll be happy.. the reason for the 4451 is because i have 6# of it i need to use up..
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
Well the mini truck is back in business..  :D
Off work today and tommorow.. new clutch , pressure plate and throw out bearing came today.. got on it right away.. pretty good chore putting it all back together but its together and working as it should.. woo hoo...😎

Tomorrow I will delve into the ar10..
Reloading / Re: Need to Purchase Powder for 6.5
Welcome to the forum.. powder valley, midsouth shooters supply, midway, brownells.. the thing is you got to constantly check these places.. when they have it it doesn't last long..
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
Well its done pretty much.. very happy with the fit and finish of the gun.. its balanced well and not as heavy as i was expecting.. 10 maybe 11 pound.. the trigger tech diamond is sweet.. i hope it shoots as good as it looks and feels..

Im gonna have some fun with this... ;D
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
renewing them online was a no go.. lol
after about 30 minutes of bullcrap and thinking i was almost there ... down to adding it to the cart they informed me i cant renew online do to having a motorcycle endorsement... grrrr
will have to go get them tomorrow..
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
Well my ffl guy called this afternoon and said my upper and lower had come in.. still had a couple hours left at work when they called and i knew by the time i got off work and up there they would be closed.. so about 3 oclock i told my boss that i had to go.. it was an emergency.. :D

So i took off headed that way all excited like a kid in a candy store.. oulled into the lgs and sure enough their they were.. guy gets my paper work out to get started on and he says i need your drivers license.. i whip them out and start to hand it to him and think i better see when they expire.. not every day a guy looks at his license..

The excitement in me disappeared when i seen the expiration date.. September  2021.. 🙄  im thinking damnit that isn't good.. and it wasnt.. that was the end of my transaction there.. lol.. they did give me the upper so i got it home and kind of mocked it up.. i did notice how nice the feed ramps are in it.. aero spent some time polishing that all up.. smooth as a babys butt in there.. gonna try to get my license renewed here at home online here in a bit.. hopefully I can go get the lower tommorow evening.. i feel another emergency coming up tomorrow afternoon.. 😂

Oh yeah my scope came today also.. 👍