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LV Tactical precision match

Heres a few pics from today's match. 

Range 200-500m

Looking at the suburban invasion that threatens this nice 50 year old facility.

Popper target at 200m

300m KYL target...yous truly screwed this one today. :-[

300m Hostage popper

6.5 creedmoor and my greasy truck towel/ wally mart gun case shooting mat.  Wasn't quite prepared for this one but its still fun regardless of how good or (in todays case) bad you do.

A new twist on the Snipers Hide dot target.  Jumping jacks between each shot.

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More shooting in Las Vegas!!


I didn't shoot the match this month. I ended up shooting long range with my Dad. Today was his first time taking long shots. We ended up at 900 meters before it started getting warm out.

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Very cool!  Thanks for sharing.

Re: LV Tactical precision match

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Nice pics guys!  See you out there in Feb.  Mark