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Las Vegas Precision Rifle June 4 2011

Great job every one!  It was a fun and safe match.  Its pretty awesome to have people from 4 states come out to a local monthly match.  Thank you Kurt for running these.  See ya'll in Sept. Thank you to our Team sponsors for supporting the team:   New Frontier Armory , and  CERAKOTE Firearms Coatings.  Mark & TEAM STORM

About 60 pics now up on our facebook, a sample here:

Roy and Simon battling the clock on the barricade stage.

Heading to the line.  Beautiful weather today.

Timed event from standing to prone.

Briefing. 3gunTim and Regina (and others) came out from AZ.  A couple guys came up from SoCal and from Utah.

Pool Ball and reduced size Hostage Targets, timed drill both firing and support side prone.

Thank you again Kurt and Werner!

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Looks very fun. Hope I can join you guys one of these months. Great pics.

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Come on out.  We resume in September.  Mark

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Great match and a lot of fun as always. Thank you Mark for the support and prize table donations! They are greatly appreciated by everyone who shoots here in Vegas.

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Quote from Kurt (LVShooter) on the hide with calibers added as my memory serves me.

Had a great match, hope you guys liked it. We had some good shooters.

Will The Drill 425   6xc
Gina M. 415           6xc
Dane M. 375          6.5cm   ME
Mike M. 365           308
Joe C. 350             6.5cm   JFComfort
Curtis K 350           ?
Tyler F. 300            308
Joe V. 275              ?
Simon S. 275          6.5cm
Cesar J. 250           308
Tim M. 240             6xc
Nick L. 235               ?
Werner H. 230          260?
Ken H. 225               308
Roy D. 215              308
Gary Meyer 205       ?
Michael N. 205         ?
Mark Z. 180            243
Kurt S. 175             243
David D. 165           65cm
Gary Mowery 140     ?
Bill Wood 140           65cm
Michael C. 90           ?
Aaron S. 60              ?

See you guys at the next match, which won't be until September 3rd.

COF quoted from Kurt

On the mover stage you will have to hit the start plate to get the mover moving then shoot the target and then hit the start/stop plate to stop the mover. If you don't stop it you get a 0 on that stage. Lots of hostage targets also.
Here is the course of fire. Don't expect this every match.

Course of fire for June 2011
#1 Mover 300 meters 60 seconds 10 rounds 10 points per hit. Shooter must hit start/stop plate to start the mover and must hit start/stop plate to stop the mover. Failier to stop mover results in a zero for the stage.

#2 Barricades. 500 Meters Start at bottom of hill. 10 rounds, Time 130 seconds
10 points per hit.

#3. Michael Jackson, (med man) 400 meters, 8 rounds, 2 standing, 2 kneeling, 2 sitting, 2 prone unsupported. 120 seconds. 10 points per hit.

#4 KYL 300 meters, 6 rounds max, 60 seconds.
Points are 5,10,15,20,25,30 105 if all hit.

#5 Steel hostage targets at 300 and 400 Meters, ? rounds, ? seconds. 25 points per hit. -10 points for hostage hit Start from prone.

#6 600 yard 3 targets, 3 rounds, 15 seconds, biggest to smallest, 20, 30, 40 points or 100 points if all hit.
Move to paper
#7 Pool balls, 9 rounds, 60 seconds, 10 points per hit 100 if all 8

#8 2 headed hostage, Start from standing 3 rounds at left face strong side, stand up then 3 rounds at right weak side. 60 seconds, 10 points per hit. -5 points for hostage hit.

Stay off the down range berms