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LRP vs SRP Primers

Which size primers do you prefer on the 6.5 CM large rifle primers or small rifle primers?
Jim Harris
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Re: LRP vs SRP Primers

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Both formats have been available and heavily used for several years. Initially there was a “rumor” that ignition with SRPs was deficient during very cold weather. I haven’t heard much regarding that concern recently. I’m not sure the “cold ignition issue” wasn’t powder dependent. LRPs were the original case offering and I have stayed with them “just because”. 🙄
If there was a particular brand of case I wanted to use and it was only available in the SRP format, I’d go with it until I proved to myself that ignition in cold weather was a problem.


Re: LRP vs SRP Primers

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Have used large rifle since I started shooting the Creedmoor in early 2008 and they never let me down. Some say you get longer brass life with small rifle due to more meat around case head and I would agree with heavy loads but if you are shooting standard loads then neither is an issue.