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Deer/Hog Hunting ammo


I don’t even have my 6.5 rifle yet, but I should have one soon.

I need to know what factory ammo any of you have used, I’m going to go help a friend clear some hogs off his property & maybe reduce the Deer too!

I don’t think I’ll have time to break in my new rifle & work up a good shooting handload.

Let me know what works for you. Bullet type & brand.

Thanks. Howard.

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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What rifle did you decide on? Your question should be directed specifically to other owners of the same rifle.

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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Keep in mind though - there is not any commercial ammo that is likely to shoot as well as reloads that you have specially tuned to your individual rifle. I understand your situation and decision to go commercial initially. It’s not a bad decision at all since you can use that ammo to season your barrel thru the first 100 or so rounds. After that you will find your best precision with properly tuned reloads.

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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Hornady 143 eldx precision hunters would be a good choice to start off with..

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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I’m still leaning towards the Beraga B14 Hmr.

I need to get off the pot & order it.

Then accumulate the Bullets, brass & loading die set to handload.

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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If you do select the HMR, you might want to look at the special edition offered only by Sheels. It has an upgraded trigger.

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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Might be wrong with my last post. After re-reading Sheels product description I don’t think that is an after market trigger. However, the Bergara action will receive any of the after market Rem 700 triggers. After you work with your new Bergara you may find the factory trigger works well for you. If not, it’s great to have a receiver that will accept all of the top quality trigger assemblies available. That is not going to happen with a Savage or Ruger offering. The top quality triggers I’m referring to would include Trigger Tech, Jewel, BixNAndy - these are the top three out there IMO.

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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Check out Zen's videos in here, he shoots lots of hogs.

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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Just a note on my experience with Remington 700 bolt guns. The rear of the bolt where the sear is locate does not fit snug, and has a lot of vertical play, which allows the sear to slip off the trigger and fire. Do as Bergara says. Theirs may do the same. I don't have one to test.

Re: Deer/Hog Hunting ammo

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Well I couldn’t find a Bergera  anywhere near me.

I wanted to see how it would fit me. I’m kinda particular about that😃

I happened to be in the local Academy & picked up a Ruger go wild in 6.5 creedmoor.

Thought about it & went back to buy it.

I took it out to the range with some so so hand loads, 34 gr H380 & some Nosler 140 bthp.

Looking for some H4350/RL16 to work up better handloads.

Took some time to get it on target & centered. Shot 30 rounds to get the barrel broken in.

Found some Hornady 140 interlocks to try. So I loaded some up.

Don’t have a chronograph to check the velocity, but one of the other shooter said that when I get the rifle broken in he has one.

I’ll see if I can get the picture off my phone & post it up.