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Rebirth of a Rem 7600 7-08

Pinned down inside from TS Nick rains.  Located in north central part of state.  No chance of flooding and we needed the rain badly.
Have spent the last couple of weeks doing deer season prep.  Moving stands, clearing lanes, foot plots, rifle cleaning and zero, et al.  Finally tackled a science project I have neglected for years.  My 1994 Rem 7600 in 7-08.  One of all time favorites.  1.75 -6 heavy duplex VX-3 rides on top.  Was the cat's a** back in the day. Had the triiger tweaked by some boys in CO. What I carried until I was thunderstruck by 6.5 CM in 2013.  Put it in a Boyd's thumbhole about 10 years ago.  Still shot lights out but was like dragging around a cross tie.  Reinstalled original walnut stock.  Ordered a 7600 pic rail from Talley.  Cleaned to bare metal and polished the wood.  Just waiting on the rail.  Shoots 140 AB's into clover leafs. Acquired some 140 Berger loads from Copper Creek and HSM.  Have a 6.5 PRC and a couple Creedmoors that I carry if there is opportunity to shoot long.  The 7600 and the 1.75 -6 is a wicked combination when bumping around in thickets or heavy timber  Back to my roots.
If you have the shot, take it.