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Re: Long Range Alley V2 qualifier and pre-finale practice match

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You mean you don't slap it like a monkey..... yes please share the trigger techniques 😁


Guilty as charged. I was bitch slappin’ that trigger like Huggy Bear treats his hos  :-[  :-[   :-[

My friend, Jade, suggested going up on pull weight so I could place my finger on the trigger while formulating my call. Currently, with a 1.8oz set, I keep my finger just ahead of the trigger floating until I have my hold. I set mine to 5oz today and tested it and I am certain it will help. When shooting guns with much heavier triggers (in the 2-5lb ranges my technique is much better than with my competition rigs. I have been aware of it but in the heat of battle my brain forgets trigger discipline. Most of my points lost to unexpected/unexplained shot falls are in the second half or later in matches. That tells me I am losing focus versus the gun changing tune. At least that is my theory. I better have improved before the finale week after next or I’ll be eliminated early in the competition.