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SIG Tango 6 scope

Is anyone using the SIG Tango 6 scope for competition?

It has a very nice feature, the "Level-Plex" rifle cant indicator. At each end of the horizontal reticle is a small triangle that lights up if the scope is canted more than 1.5 degrees and turns off when the scope is live,

To me this is far superior to an external bubble level. You have instant indication of cant and return to level. Ihope anymore scope brands can incorporate a version of this feature.

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Re: SIG Tango 6 scope

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I have one, and, have used it in PRS matches.  I personally like the bubble level better and I don't have to remember to re-activate it at each stage (yep, that's on me).  I also prefer a turret dial indicator that goes beyond 25 MOA--there's a lot happening in 90 seconds, and doing math to get to 32 MOA on the dial is a grenade to me.  Even if I write the number on my card, I hit zero and freeze.  Both issues are minor to me--I really like the scope, just don't use it in PRS matches any more.
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