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The Pink Panther strikes again!

Shot a 3x20 @600yds today at my home range for our monthly match.  We had a great turnout with a bunch of heavy hitters.  I was able to clean the first two matches with a 200-12x and a 200-13x with a new load (H4350 in fired cases vs RL-23 in new cases).  Plenty of heavy mirage complicating vertical and the usual notorious summer thermals that induce unexpected wild inexplicable vertical 9's (or worse) was at play by mid day.  I was the only full clean leading into match 3 then the conditions got weird and I dropped the first, second and fourth shots into the 9 ring (2/3 were weird vertical shots I wanted to blame the load for).  I almost gave up but watched the other targets and realized everyone else was falling victim to the same issues.  I buckled down and shot clean for the rest of the shots and put my empty chamber indicator in and called "all out on target 5".  My scorer then said you have one more shot.  I showed him my empty 2 sighter/20 record shot cases in my holder.  He says "I'm sorry..must have missed one of your shots".  No problem...the wind has picked up from a direction I did not shoot in yet today and the mirage was a shimmering bitch.  I waited about 3 minutes, guessed on a 3 1/2 ring hold off and said, 'F' it and released the shot....whew... a center X.  Got lucky!  I ended up on top with a 597-31X.  Looks like the Pink Panther is not too particular on what it eats... RL-23 or H4350/ 0.027" or 0.016" of the lands.  It is a very forgiving cartridge.