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Welcome to this community for the Creedmoor metallic cartridges enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the Creedmoor cartridges, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Reloading / CCI 41 Failure
Last post by RetiredChief -
Normally I use CCI 450 (Mag SRP) and BR-4 for my 6.5 CM. As I was Very Low so friend gave me a box of CCI 41 that he had just bought.  Tried them and found very small difference between the 3.  However I did have one failure (out of 60).  I received a notice from Brownell that the CCI 41 were back in stock so I ordered a brick.  I've used 27 so far - One took 2 tries before igniting, and one I tried 3 time - never fired.

While I wait 2 -> 3 min before opening the chamber, it still leaves me apprehensive. On the range, only effect is on nerves - Because of these failures these will never see the light-of-day deer hunting.  Subsequently I have a brick of BR-4 coming Monday.

Not the rifle, as I have NOT had a single failure with 450's, or BR-4's, or my Fed 210M (LRP). On the failed CCI41's the indent looked Normal.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
Last post by Cold Trigger Finger -
Muzzle brake !
 The 375 Ruger Guide Gun with the muzzle brake on it was very easy shooting. Compativly speaking.
  As soon as I've spent another 10 grand on the house. Maybe I'll have enough for another rifle. But only after I get another couple bricks of large rifle magnum primers.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
Last post by mnbogboy -
With the blood thinners I've been taking the word "thump" scares me!
My shoulder is multicolored fromshopting  my 6.5-06 last week
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
Last post by Cold Trigger Finger -
Need to move to Canada. Quite a few Ruger m77's in most variants are available. Way cheaper for the left hand version though and way easier to find the left hand for some reason. Old stock I guess.

 There are lots of left hand 375 Ruger's available on GB and other sites.
 If this craziness would stop, Ruger could go back to making sporting rifles instead or every form of high cap sprayer ever thot up.
 It's a sad commentary that for the masses they need a long range basically , Target rifle to hit anything even at 200 yards.
 Anything under 400 as far as game shooting is the realm of normal , halfway accurate hunting rifles.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
Last post by Cold Trigger Finger -
Those things sound painful.  I have been shooting my Muzzleloader the last two days. Miss the little 6.5 recoil....or lack of.
250 grain SST's @ 2044fps.
One of those Guide guns or a big lever would be fun though.

  For some strange reason, Ruger attached tthe Guide Gun name to what they should have called the guide Rifle. 20" barreled M77 Mk 2 Hawkeye with laminate , adjustable lop stock with banded sling eye on the barrel, express sights and a muzzle brake or weight or thread protector.
 They really are a great rifle that is almost short enough.
 I don't regret trading the one I had for the 416 Remington built on a rebored 375 H&H , Interarms Whitworth Express and brush nickle plated. I Really like that rifle. But it has a 25+" barrel with the muzzle brake on it. And is peep sighted.
 It is a brown bear rifle !
 What I'm after now is a knock about large game Carbine. Similar to a Ruger Gunsight Scout . But in a serious cartridge.
Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
Last post by jvw2008 -
It’s the same situation at CRC. When I took over the 1000 yd match director position in 2020, I thought I could build the program significantly in a year or so. Even though our program is up and running, it’s been an absolute uphill battle to gain new members. Next year I’m going to add in the IBS protocol for Tactical BR rifles hoping that will pull some new shooters in.

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