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General Discussion / Labradar app
When I switched from a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone a couple years ago, to a Samsung S20, the Labradar app quit working. Labradar says it's something to do with changes to the Bluetooth protocol, no fix was offered.

I thought about buying a cheap phone just to run the app but, unless there were beat to heck, the prices were more than I was willing to pay.

If anyone here experienced this and has a now-obsolete phone to run the app, please let me know. Galaxy S5s in decent shape can now be had for $30 which I'd happily pay if it runs the app.

General Discussion / Re: Solve The Mystery Of The Moving Bullseye
If I understand your explanation, it has to be the scope, assuming the mount is fine.

I had a scope drive me nuts one time, it wasn't new, but it was new to me. I sent the scope to the manufacturer who tested it and said it was toast, they sent me a new one. I figure that's why the guy sold the darn thing.
Reloading / Re: Reloading start up
With respect to primers, it may come down to what you can find versus what you want, for now at least. If you can find SRPs for instance, that might guide your brass decision. 
General Discussion / Re: H335 load data 6.5CM
Assuming you mean for 6.5 Creedmoor, I could not find that powder/bullet range in my Hornady 10th edition reloading manual. Maybe the new version has something.
General Discussion / Re: Insane
I'm stayin' clear of Retumbo,, if 2lbs, 280 rounds, lasts me the rest of my life, that means I'm checking out in November  :o 
Angie's List / Save money, support veterans!
I spent a great deal of time looking for a deal on a high-end drill chuck, came up short everywhere. Actually, I was considering selling my wife's dog to get this part, just kidding :)

Anyway, the best price I could find, believe it or not, was Grainger, $330. Then I stumbled onto GoVets which showed the same item for $275. Well, I've seen this one before where an item is in-stock, until I order it, then it's unobtanium. I asked about availability in a chat session and was assured the item would ship if I ordered it, so I ordered it.

Free shipping and a 5% off new customer discount sealed the deal, got it today :). You won't believe who shipped it, wait for it, wait for it...Grainger, lol.

I don't know how GoVets works but, if I can save some money and benefit our veterans, that's a win-win in my book.
General Discussion / Re: Cant believe i just done that..
Viper red dot sight. After having two specimens mounted on a 9mm handgun shatter to pieces, they agreed to send a Venom instead at no extra charge, instead they sent another Viper. They denied having made the Venom offer. I sold the Viper since I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen if I used it.  As I said, I'm done being butthurt over the matter. I'm sure mine was an isolated case, and I'd give any of their top tier products a shot.
General Discussion / Re: Cant believe i just done that..
My experience with Vortex support has been they are really good on their upper end products, but not so much on their entry level products. I've moved past being a PO'd customer, wish them all the best.

Reloading / Re: Primer pocket uniformity?
Good question Jerry, let me try to elaborate.

Imagine a flat washer with an OD the same as a primer pocket, and a center hole at least is wide as the flash hole.

If said shim washer happened to be 0.002 thick, and was set in the pocket, a pressed-in primer would be 0.002 off the flash hole.

It'd be a bit like herding cats but, who knows  :D  
Reloading / Re: Primer pocket uniformity?
If the primer seating depth is more about the distance from the primer to the flash hole rather than from the case base to the primer, I wonder if single-use, or reusable shim washers would eliminate the need to measure depth, or use sophisticated primer seating tools.

Don't you just love harebrained ideas, lol :)
Reloading / Re: Autotrickler V4
Over the time I had my V3 I did notice occasional drift issues, almost all of them caused by a grain of powder that somehow evaded my not-so-keen eyesight. Can't say drift became any more noticeable after installing the Area 419 base. I did notice static electricity seemed to affect the scale, I keep all tools like tweezers on a dryer sheet next to the scale now.

The Area 419 base sure looks like it's milled aluminum alloy which should be pretty much non-magnetic.

I can confirm though, with the factory base installed, hovering a magnetic 6" level over the base causes the scale to show non-zero readings, positive and negative. The scale does return to zero by itself once the level is removed so, the magnet is not causing drift per se.