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Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / A New TRACT Hunting Optic
Got e-mail from TRACT.  They are going to release a Toric line of 30mm hunting scopes.  The 2.5-15x44, SFP, illuminated dot got my attention.  Taking preorders, ships May 2022.
Hunting / Re: LA Firearms Deer Season Ends Today
Thanks for your concern.  I am fine. Tell folks around here a head-on with a log truck on LA Hwy 123 will be my demise. Jesus loves me, this I know.  Kept me rolling during threatening times. And I am grateful.
Hunting / LA Firearms Deer Season Ends Today
This will be the musings/ramblings of a old man.  Please excuse any grammar, spelling or structure issues.  Random thoughts.

LA firearms season ends when the sun goes down.  A good thing.  Season waaaay too long.  Limits too liberal and enforcement of tagging. non-existent. Just have to deal with it.  The reason all you brothers in the midwest/west are the places we Southerners dream about is short seasons and limited buck tags.

On day four of a self-imposed quarantine.  My hunting/reloading/shooting friend Craig popped hot on Thursday.  We had spent the entire afternoon before reloading/shooting.  He has minor symptoms.  Triple vaxxed as am I.  I have no symptoms. Laying low.  Omicron is raging down here and I don't want to be accused of being a "Typhoid Mary."  :)   

Reflected on the 2021-2022 season.  Four whitetails, one feral hog and a 325 yard miss on a coyote that still haunts me.  All with the Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC, factory 143 ELD-X. 

Cold and cloudy here.  Not outside doing deep cleans but doing Rem-oil wipedowns.  Several old reliable's that did not get to eat.  Will remedy next season.  Number one up is the Joe Collier 6.5 CM he built for me in 2019.  Have only killed a feral hog with it.  Will be my long poke stick next year. 

The APR 6.5 PRC will get a break.  Will get "real" with 7-08 and 6.5 CM in LA and TN where the shot is not over 200.  The APR and old 700, 7mm Rem Mag held in strategic reserve in case I get the opportunity to go West.
Reloading / Re: Hat Tip To Berger
Nope.  Just looked it up.  X Bolt 6.5 PRC is 1:7.  We have not played with those sticks yet.  They both shoot 1/4" groups with factory ELD-X.  We have limited components so they two at the end of the line for reloading efforts.
Reloading / Re: Hat Tip To Berger
The initial run was shot out of a Tikka, 1:8.  Will tweak the loads for two X Bolts, a CA Mesa and my Alamo Precision.  Know the CA and APR are 1:8. Foggy on the X Bolts.  Will research.  they might be 7.5.
Reloading / Hat Tip To Berger
Got our hands on some 156 EOLs.  Loading 6.5 PRC.  Sent e-mail to Berger.  Had the data within 8 hours.  Did some at min for H1000.
1/4" at 2660 MV.  Told my buds need to crank them up to 2800-2900 to ensure the Berger "bang-flop."  Side note: Ran the COAL out to 2.955 on the 140 Speer Gold Dots. SHAZAAM! Touching at 100. Reviews of this bullet very good.  I am impressed.  Holding some, but just ordered another 250 from MidSouth.  $19.89 box of 50. No limit.  Anxious to run this pill out of a Creedmoor.
Reloading / Re: Reloaded Some 6.5 PRC Today
My friend Jim cornered me at the local diner today.  He had rolled solo and tried to duplicate the 140 Speer
 Gold Dots we did yesterday. 1/4" out of his Tikka.  2.950 COAL. Said at that length they would not even seat.  The "Master" and I had called the COAL back/forth and recorded at least four times.  Told him the calipers or his tired old eyes had failed.  Can talk rough because we started first grade together.   ;D  He called tonight. Calipers the culprit. Told him I will bring my S's and M's if he promises to burn sage, and sleep with them under his pillow,   :))
Reloading / Re: Reloaded Some 6.5 PRC Today
I tried all 3 of them powders in my 2nd prc barrel.. if i remember right the 4831sc gave the best velocity and accuracy out of the 3.. but i went back to rl26.. had to see if i had got a bad barrel the first go around.. i didn't.. lol.. now on my 3rd barrel im using rl23.. its not blazing fast like the 26 was but the accuracy is there with the 153.5 bergers.. running it in the low 2900's. I haven't been shooting my prc alot here lately . Mainly due to my brass being on its last leg and hard to come by right now..

Just da'am Grant.  Missed the part where you went through #2 and transitioned to #3.  I need to pay closer attention.
General Discussion / Re: Solve The Mystery Of The Moving Bullseye
Put a new Swaro Z3 on a Ruger 77 left hand 7-08 many years ago.  Was ready to wrap that stick around a tree or drive it as a tomato stake. Calmer heads prevailed.  Swaro made it good.  That combo one of one of my old-school kinda light, woods walking favorites.  Warm walnut soothes my soul.  :)
Reloading / Re: Reloaded Some 6.5 PRC Today
Thumbs up for Berger.  Just printed a load chart they e-mailed for the 156 EOL.  Covered most powders. MV based on a 26" barrel.  We all shoot 24's. Can do the math and get where we need to be without injury or damage to equipment.
Reloading / Re: Reloaded Some 6.5 PRC Today
BTW, the two good loads today had COAL of 2.950. We were like chickens in a hail storm.  The myth of the Berger "jump" shut us down.  :)) 
Reloading / Re: Reloaded Some 6.5 PRC Today
With zero 6.5 PRC experience I'd pick one of those powders running comfortable at 2900 - 2950 and see if it liked it.

H1000 or Retumbo or H 4831 sc would be my picks

Concur, with a bonded bullet at those speeds.  Factory 143 ELD-X is lethal.  Dead within 40 yards of impact.  But, absolutely no blood trail.  Heart and lungs a mushy red oatmeal.  I want two holes letting air and blood out of my targets.  Not a Hornady ballistician.  Think the ELD-X does it's magic past two hundred.  Longest shot I had this year was 130.  Closest on my best deer, 50 yards.  If I have to shoot long, ELD-X is the choice.  When I am close in TN and LA, leaning toward 7-08 and 6.5 CM with Bergers and Accubonds.