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General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
I had a '97 Chevy 3/4 ton long box I used as a snow plow truck. It couldn't pass a repair shop or a gas station, think it was a 460 cu in. When it came time to push snow though, with 1 ton of sand in the bed, real chains on all four, and an 8' Western blade on the front, it was unstoppable. I miss that 'ole girl, my wallet doesn't though :)
General Discussion / Re: WI Tragedy
Catch and release is sometimes a good plan, for sportfishing, that's it. Why on earth would a cop bring a suspect in when the suspect is back on the street before the cop has finished the paperwork?
General Discussion / Re: To harmonize, or resonate

For the VFD I went with a Teco-Westinghouse L510, $185 for the 115V single-phase input model.

A 230V single-phase model is $15 less but the cost to run that service, just in copper alone, would be greater. Since the 115V model can drive up to a 1HP motor and the 3-phase motor I'm running is 3/4HP, I decided to avoid the sheer joy of crawling around the attic on my knees :(

FWIW, I called Teco support with several programming questions, I was immediately transferred to an expert who got me squared away in minutes, that's good customer service.

General Discussion / To harmonize, or resonate
I used to tell folks that, if reincarnation really happens, I want to come back as my wife's dog, really though, I want to come back as a machinist, who's married to my wife of course, and the dog is still in play :)

Since none of the above is really going to happen, I'm on a quest for a more perfect, affordable drill press. After talking to a couple guys who have real jobs, working for real companies that make real things for the likes of the military, the net result distilled down to a 3-phase motor with a variable frequency drive, or VFD as it's generally known.

What in the heck does this have to do with guns? Hang in a bit, I'll connect my crazy dots in a bit.

What I'm learning is that just about everything has certain frequencies where they ring like a bell. It never occurred to me that a heavy machine like a drill press could vibrate to a degree that calls attention to itself or, more importantly, could trigger vibrations further down the food chain, as in X and Y axis instrumentation.

What I discovered once the VFD and 3-phase motor were in place is, I now could dial in motor speeds that avoid the resonant frequencies of the entire machine. I may be overstating the case but, all I really want is a silent, smooth, powerful drill chuck, not a vibratory disco dance floor  :o

Which made me think about barrel tuners, something I know little to nothing about.  One more thing to think about at 3:00 am :)

Hunting / Re: Check the rack on this 'yote!
It's a bit more complicated in a heavy urban area to control pests of this size. Believe it or not, we have garbage police who randomly check to make sure your trash is "acceptable" :(. I could just imagine them finding a 'yote carcass in my can :o.

I miss living in the country  :'(.
Hunting / Re: Check the rack on this 'yote!
Not my yard Grant, someone in our 'hood though. The coyote population has gone ballistic lately, every day people are complaining about missing pet cats and dogs.  Living in city limits there's not much I can do unless one of them attacks my dog, or me. Even then, its not clear the local authorities would take my word over a coyote's  :( 
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
Bob is exactly right: don't attend is the only sure way to avoid buying something new, or used. When I lived up north in WA, I hit this pawn shop regularly, in Bothell WA. I always made sure to bring a trade piece, just in case. I really don't think I ever left that store without a new-to-me gun  :o .

That said, some of my favorite guns came from there; an unfired S&W 27-2 5" wheel gun, an unreplaceable Sig X5 9mm, and a Belgian Browning 20 ga Superposed scatter gun, saltwood yes, but not salty wood for the Browning aficionados.

Anyway, the proprietor was a disabled gentleman, wheelchair bound with a substantial speech impediment. He and I did not need special abilities to communicate; we both spoke gun. Whenever I walked into his place of business, both our faces lit up.

I spoke with his brother a couple weeks ago and learned that he'd passed. Even though we were all business, I got pretty choked up, I wanted to talk to him, one more time at least, but it was not to be. And so it is.

Don't even know why I brought this up, Grant's gun store visit made me think of it.