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General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
I'll have to turn it off and go in stealth mode to sneak up on someone.. lol.. theirs a roll bar behind the cab and i think i will put a couple 4 inch lights on it to be able to see better going backwards..
Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
Bob did you switch powders in your new 6.5x284 barrel? Or are you still running the rl26 in it..

Nice target by the way.. especially with a 20 mph wind.. good shooting..
Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
2 to 3 inch groups at 600 in 20+ mph winds i would take my chances with it bob.. it may spped up a little during the match but i wouldnt think it would be an excessive  amount..
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
The mini earning it's  keep..  :D
Time to start getting my winter firewood in even though its still pretty hot here.. high of 89 today but this morning was in the low 60's. I had some trees up by my wood splitter but not cut up yet.. so put the forks on the tractor and picked them up off the ground and cut them up.. next up was to see if the splitter would run. I keep it outside where i split would with a tote covering the engine.. pulled it off and their was wires hanging out of it all chewed up and into.. hate mice.. lol.. pretty much had to rewire the dang thing all the way to the coil.. on and off switch .. oil sensor.. all of it.. but she fired right up after i got it back together.. now the good part.. lol.. backed the mini up to the spliter and its the perfect height.. split a pretty good little jag and hauled it to my lean to where i store my wood.. the little mini even fit in the opening to it.. woo hoo..
Hunting / Re: Headed for south Texas
Good luck on your hunt wayne.. i suspect the prc will be devastating on your prey.. lol.. im thinking you might be able to look through him after the shot.. lol
Reloading / Re: SCALPING at is BEST
Sounds like you would like to see government control of retail pricing??

You say the purchasers are just as much at fault. It’s for sure their willingness to pay validates the price being asked. Don’t they have the same right to purchase as you have to decline to purchase?  How is it their fault for your decision?

Grant - not trying to stir the pot here. Just expressing a different opinion.

Jerry how do you get im for government control for retail pricing in what i posted.. no idea how you figured that.. and the reason i say its as much the buyers fault thats paying them outrageous prices is because if they wouldnt the seller would either have to keep hes product or come down off that price to a more reasonable price.. im all for getting all you can out of something.. and im also more than willing to pay a fair price for something i want.. as long as i think it is a fair price for me.. makes me no difference what someone else's opinion is on the price.. but im also patient and if i think something is too high then i will pass on it.. thats my choice.. same as any one else. They have that choice as well.. you kinda took what i said in my earlier post and somehow tried to make it into something its not.. dont care much for that..
Reloading / Re: SCALPING at is BEST
The guys paying them ridiculous prices for that stuff is at just as much fault as the seller is for asking them crazy prices.. i know some things are necessities and you have to have them but the things that arent let that seller keep them.. eventually he will get right with the price or be stuck with them.. and that wouldnt bother me at all.. some of these guys that are asking stupid prices for primers and bullets i hope they choke on them.. 🙂
General Discussion / Re: What kind of flags?
Just my thoughts.. no need for a flag at the bench.. your there feeling it real time.. always been skeptical about having one half way to the target.. if your flag there is 6 feet high and your shooting to a 1000 yards that bullet is way up there in the air half way to the target..chances are the wind is different  30 feet off the ground.. to me the important one is close to the target.. as far as which place is more important.. i really dont know.. i have watched several bullet traces going to a 1000 yards.. and sometimes the wind is pushing them pretty hard in the first couple hundred yards.. other times they start to go side ways in the middle of their flight and other times I've  seen them fly pretty straight most of the way there and then make a nasty hook a 100 yards from the target.. down in the bottoms where i shoot theirs woods 3 or 400 yards on both sides of our shooting position.. thats about 400 yards long.. were up on a pretty good hill shooting down in the bottoms.. that hill drops off at the end of them woods on both sides.. once that bullet hits them open bottoms all bets are off.. lol.. alot of times that will fly pretty straight till it hits the end of that tree line and then take a hard right or left depending on the wind direction.. pretty cool to watch the traces.. when you can see them that is..
General Discussion / Re: A humbling for me.. a challenge for you all..
I know this is a old thread but it was a fun one for me.. so i will add to it.. i was refreshing my dirt berm up behind my 250 yard range and painted all my plates. Replaced a couple bolts in them and theirs a short piece of heavy chain hanging there that i had welded a big nut on and had shot it of.. so instead of welding something back on it i run a bolt through the link that had a 3/4 inch head on it and put a nut on it and tightened it down.. painted it pink and headed for the man cave.. pretty windy out so i grab my 6.5 creedmoor in a mpa chassis and razor scope on top and some 140 berger hybrids  and went to my shooting platform.. loaded one in the gun and sent it to a 6 inch plate.. 1/2 minute left.. looked at my turret and it had half a minute left dialed in it.. but it back to zero and sent one to a 2 inch plate and hit.. so loaded another and sent it to the 3/4 inch bolt head.. the chain jumped and the paint was gone from the head.. put the scope caps back on and put her back to bed.. perfect score for the day.. 😎