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Hunting / Re: Heading out
I also weigh my loads.  84 by weight equals 120 by volume.  Harvester came out with a more efficient 300 grain .44 cal bullet and thicker sabot (green.)  I got serious when I did my prep.  Consistently got 1.5-2 inch groups.  Did not get to fire it in anger during TN muzzleloader.  Passed a 8 point that I probably should have shot.  Have a CVA Paramount HTR in .40 on back order.  Like Grant gathering for his AR-10, I have everything on hand to put this baby together except the rifle.  Talley 20 MOA pic rail, radial brake from Anarchy,  Leupold VX-5 HD, the 225 grain projectiles built for this gun, plenty of BH 209 and LRP's.  This rifle does not use 209 primers.  Have read all the reviews and watched the videos.  MV of 2740 with 105 grains of BH by weight. The recommended load. Two inches high at 100, dead on at 200.  Nine inch drop at 300. This is a legit 300 yard smokepole.  I would never stretch it that far .  As good as my 50 cal Knight has been to me, a little squeamish about turning one loose past 150.  I have several pasture edges on my place in TN where I have 200 yard shot opportunities. 
Hunting / Re: Heading out
I have been a BH 209 fan since it first came out.  Shoot 120 grains with a Harvester sabot and Harvester 300 grain bullet out of a Knight Mountaineer.  Extended rifle seasons in LA and TN.  Too long.  Deer get educated.
Good luck with the with the remainder of your hunts.
Hunting / Re: Heading out
Good luck.  I am taking a break today.  Thanksgiving dinner and Yellowstone marathon.  Best buck I have seen lately is wandering behind the house about 20 minutes before legal hours are over.  If he shows today, will give him a hard look.  Big bodied 8, just have not been able to study long enough to age. Wife does not want me to shoot off the back porch.  Will compromise.  Will set up by the fence around the stock pond. I could give Jeff Foxworthy inspiration for lots of material.
AR Variants / Re: Aero precision m5e1
Have the Leupold version on a Grendel and a CM 10 and the Vortex version on a 5.56.  Mine are not QD like yours.  Like a rock.
Hunting / Re: 6.5 CM hunting bullets
Have had great success with the 130 and 140 VLD-H.  Usually shoot behind the shoulder.  Have had some recoveries up to 75 yards aways.  Most DRT.  Have been reluctant to high shoulder with a VLD but probably would not be an issue with our small whitetails. 
Hunting / Re: Opening day
That is a really good, mature deer.  What I am looking for but have not bumped one yet.  Today is a rain out.  Front passing.  A bunch of scrapes got worked night before last so I am renewed.
Hunting / Re: Opening day
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) having some impact in the South.  It is a touchy subject with me.  Will put it out there.  I am not a fan of deer farming or high fence hunting.  I am a solutions man.  But, the solution would be medieval. An uphill battle against people with tons of money and political stroke. Hope some of the fellows from WI and MN jump in about the impact infected pen raised/high fence herds have had on their wild deer.  Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) outbreaks have a serious impact in the South, Midwest and West.  Think it is vector borne.  Seems to be worse in drought conditions because the deer concentrate at water sources.  That is where you find all the carcasses.  Almost wiped out the entire Montana Milk River whitetail herd several years ago. Lived it in 2007-2008 in TN.  Sad to see the numbers of quality bucks dead on the banks of the Cumberland in August-September.  Texas has a few anthrax hot spots that go active every few years.
Gunsmithing / Re: More struggling!
Glad you got it working.  I had a spring from my 9mm fly across the room once, took about 45 min too find it, it was in a box with kids clothes that was to be donated lol.

LOL.  Been there, done that.  The tee tiny springs in Talley bases will run you ragged.  "Nobody move and don't turn on that vacuum cleaner, dear!"
Hunting / Re: Opening day
TN rifle opens in the morning.  Finished final check of my blind couple of hours ago.  Scrapes cold.  Rut winding down. a few daylight pics and lots at night.  Mostly does, fawns and young bucks.  However, got daylight pics of a heavy 8.  Huge body. He is mature.  The downer: G-3 on his left side broken off.  No matter.  If he shows, the Alamo 6.5 PRC is going to bark.  Hoping the pressure around me tomorrow pushes some "immigrants" my way.  There are some big bucks in this area.  My place gets little pressure.  Just me.  Basically a 112 acre hardwood and food plot sanctuary.  Weather forecast perfect.  Cold and still.  Will enjoy the experience. 
Ammunition / Re: Ammo Supplier Website Scam!
Thanks for jogging my memory.  Have had a case of Berger 135 on back order since last January.  Showed in stock when I hit the go button and when invoice popped, out of stock, backordered, and charged my card.  Seems to be a legit company.  Will give it another month then cancel the backorder.  My CC company very good at clawing back BS charges.  Great tip about getting state AG involved.
Hunting / Re: New guy here and new to the 6.5
Had a friend do something similar a few years ago.  He had a Ruger American Predator in 6.5 CM that shot lights out.  22" barrel. Had it chopped and crowned to 16".  Remained a hammer. Crazy accurate.  Likes 130 Berger VLD-H, a lot.. He just lost some MV.  Handy as a box blind rifle, truck/side x side/gold cart/tractor gun.
Hunting / Re: Opening day
Fully appreciate your issues with crowding on public ground.  I live in the middle of the Catahoula District of the Kisatchie National Forest and will not hunt it.   Even though there are thousands of acres available, every season will have a few that just have to ride the fence of my 40 acres here in LA.  Wear blaze orange  when I am out in the yard this time of the year.   Hopefully you and your son will find some property that will allow you to hunt away from the chaos. 
Hunting / Re: Opening day
Don't miss much, but when I do, it's specf'ntacular.  Clean misses trying to do head/neck shots at 30-40 yards.  Don't do that anymore.